If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


62. Side Story: Information

"What is fate?" I thought about it when I was in the outer world. 

"If fate is something that is embedded to ourselves and cannot be taken away, then is it impossible to break away from it?" I thought hard for a second, then came with conclusion. "What if you are either born without fate being embedded or there is limit to places where fate can reach you?" 

If fate determines a person's ending, limit, and such, if there is a person without fate, would they be able to truly become anything they wanted to be?

"Why do heroes not exist? Because we are incapable? Because we don't possess the confidence? Because we are not true to ourselves?" I began to look through the burning sky. "It is because no one is truly willing to sacrifice themselves. We always rely on others and most people think that someone other than themselves will do it for them without realizing that almost everyone has the same idea as them. How foolish..."

The sky was burning, people were burnt, and the town was in chaos.

Two hours ago

"Hello sir? How is your day?" asked the innkeeper.

"I would like to order a room for one please," I replied

"Under what name sir?" innkeeper asked.

"Outlier, if you please," I replied.

In the faraway, countryside town called Night Spring, I planned to make this place as the end of my journey point. This town was heavily tech embedded just as any other towns, but it was one of the only town that had more than fifty percent of nature unharmed and such. This town was also faraway from borders of other country and its crime rate was second lowest for almost four years in a row. It was perfect for my ending, I did not need to worry about danger and such. The library containing books were about a mile away from here and citizen satisfaction in here wasn't just a data. If only I did not realize the truth of my own self.  



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