If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


59. Side Story: Danger

"How?" I was unable to see the entire attack even though I have neither blinked or took my eyes away even for a second. 

"Even if I gave this much penalty upon myself, you humans are only able to do this much... How disappointing..." the mysterious figure spoke.

Its white body and wings became purely black and its eyes were gone, as if it hasn't been there at all.

"You might be the strongest in the Mainland Realm but you are only one of the many in the Upper Realm," It glared at me with eyes that revealed not a single bit of interest.

"Pardon me, I am an Eater, a servant of the Gods," Eater introduced himself by his species.

"If a servant can do this much, how much stronger are the Gods?" I wondered, "Wait? There are more than one god?"

"Gods are made from people's belief and imagination, the stronger spiritual beliefs are, the stronger our masters get," Eater replied, "It is natural for you to be weak since you neither are born with that characteristic nor you manifest these energies after all."

"Now then, I will take that sage ability from you, my masters are interested about your ability," Eater suddenly touched my forehead with his palm, "Though we are superior in almost every aspect compared to you, we still lack when it comes to ability and such, we only have one or two while you have almost dozens of them."

"What are you-", something inside of my cracked. When I attempted to escape by using inertia and friction, none of these ability worked as it should have been.

"As you guessed, I have taken your ability in this crystal, our kind can not only steal ability but also contain them within this crystal," Eater quietly spoke, "In compensation, I present you this, but it will cost you your own consciousness." After that he murmured, "I wish for you to save all of us." 

I was surprised that all of my ability went to nothingness within few seconds, but it wasn't as shocking as the present that the Eater gave to me, a Halo like rings. 



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