If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


60. Side Story: Attempt

Upper Realm

"What happened? The Great Sinner's Halos are gone?" said the Guard Eater.

"It can't be happening, the only person with ability to even withstand this amount of pressure are the superior God Eater species," another Guard Eater Spoke, "But all of them are exiled and executed because of their danger to the Realm."

"Who is The Great Sinner anyway?" The newcomer asked the seniors. 

"I don't know much, but it holds greatest threat to this Realm, and it was apparently unable to be killed even when all Twelve Upper Generals and the Four Upper Kings were present," the seniors told him.

"Then who can stop him if it were to be revived?" the newcomer panicked, "Even the strongest god, Overseer, can not defeat all of them, who can?"

"Its alright, it has been tested to be incompatible with everyone, human and gods alike, and there is no way that they will notice if anything does happen to it anyway," the senior told.


"This Halo, seems familiar..." I carefully came toward it. 

When I touched it, a mysterious image came to my head.

"Will you stop the destruction of this world even if it meant that you will die and no one will know about your achievement?" A conversation appeared. "What is important is not the attention seeking, saving the world and the reality that I believed in is more worthy than anything else that I could have hoped for."

"Who are these people?" My mind was not settled.

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