If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


18. Ri

The anti-magic barrier in the surface of our border should have protected us from any attack, and so was the strength of guards who are able to stop any further advancement. However, none of us haven't expected that if a nuclear bomb was to come near the barrier, then it would detonate on its on. The first blast alerted the administrators and they ordered to disable the barrier and remove the bombs manually(Using gravity manipulation to stop its course). The danger from the bomb has been eluded, but ten thousands of soldiers began to appear from the camouflage. For the first time in century, our country alerted code 1 danger(There are 1-5 codes). Under Ri's orders, we escaped the school ground and now heading the the emergency shelter. We noticed that some of us were gone, were they simply injured from the debris, or are they actually dead? Corpses were the second most common things other the broken buildings. Some of us who haven't seen puddle of blood seems to be uneasy, and so was I. It was true that Rein and I have been injured sometime in our childhood and sometimes saw flow of red water, it was nowhere as close as the amount in this place. "This is sickening," I thought. As soon as the shelter began to appear in the horizon, the second round of attack began to happen. The entire ground under us shook for about ten seconds, but to us, it felt like an hour. When we saw our ground, or rather falling land, most of us seemed to float in the air. "We are floating?" I asked while being still surprised by the effect. "No, its that the island is falling faster than us because of gravitational pull from the raiders," Ri said, "We have to either get a safe landing position or fly, if our vital organs were to be facing the ground, then we will immediately die when this falling stops." At the last minute call, I spread my wings and prevented my body from touching the ground. "Did it end?" I asked. Somehow, from the original location, we have been about few, no, more than ten miles away. Luckily, the shelter and its supplies of rations were not separated from us. But in return, only about twenty-ish of us has escaped the warzone. "It seems that we are trapped in this environment, and the enemies who are attacking us are the humans from the city area," Ri said. "How do you know about that?" I asked. "Because of the fact-," Ri began to take off his disguise, "-that I am one of the executives of this country, and I am the clone of the first leader, or should I call the King." 

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