If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


38. Reunion Third Story

"Uriel! Here is your change," the merchant handed the items safely. From outsider's perspective, I am more or less a stalker, but I self declare it as being a guardian(unintended and somehow unneeded). I learned, based on a hour of spectating, that her name was Uriel, age thirteen(off by one year), and lived alone, an orphan. The orphanage she was in was named after one of the founders, "Ostwald." She didn't talk as much as others, she seems to have untold history, and only thing I could do for now was to simply watch. After few hours, I decided to stay at an inn, "Springtown", and unpacked items from my storage metals. I ate my dinner at nearby family restaurants....... I was miserable...... I then decided to make it any better than the previous one by going to a guild, one of the things that I thought was too old fashioned, and found myself sleeping after I wagered my crystals with money of my opponents and eventually beat them 5-60 times in a row, I am pretty sure that I slept because I was extremely tired. On the next morning, lucky coincidence, I found Uriel again at the entrance of the orphanage, but she had fearful look in her face, as if she was forced to battle dungeon boss. Three kids who are about the same age as her came to steal her items, it seems that if she cannot protect those, she will be abandoned by the head of the orphanage, using her trauma against her. I began to play Loki by covering my eyes with my hand and throwing an freshly made apple I bought from the merchant, it hit directly at one of the kid, but my luck dropped at the next moment, she saw me. I began to run as fast as I can without showing my face, but here comes another mishap, the wind blew off my hood of the cloak, my entire face was shown, I had no choice but to say something to her. Just when I was planning to say something, she looked at my face and said, "Are you Knight?" "Knight?" I began to remember jobs of humans in this area. Adventurers have different occupation or jobs based on their talent and other areas, and knight were the ones who specialized in close combat and swordsmanship, but since I wanted to stay low profile, I had to make a lie for her. "Y..yes, I am a foreign knight, my name is....um...Koyo?" I made one up, Koyo was one of the only eastern names that I knew from the newspaper, I am pretty sure that she wouldn't recognize him. 

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