If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


37. Reunion Second Story

Humans may possess the high wisdom, but when it comes to physical talent and many, half-mythical or half-animal beings are generally greater. It is true theory that humans that surpass any creatures, despite their large differences, or literal definition of heroes, can be born, but this event may be something that would happen once in a hundred or more years, not that my luck would allow such cheating move. It doesn't matter what race, most of us are likely to do their best or something above it when they are in worst environment possible, spartan training of sort. I am not saying that people born in better environment are either gold spoons or untalented beings, but it maybe true based on what I am seeing here. I wore a black cloak, and began to observe the current situation of the town. What I experienced was what I expected from get-go, although they describe their system different from slavery, there was no difference. Claiming that demi-humans are more superior, they forced the workers to wear necklaces, more like shackles, that would explode or send electricity if one was to refuse anything the boss(Owners) told them to do. Humans that are poor have been having hard time living too, though they didn't where any dangerous accessories, most of them were in a house that we can barely call it one, and the riches were smiling with hints of greed even at those ones who are unable to sustain their basic life. "If only I came here to change the politics, then I would have knocked those weaklings already," I began to regret a bit about my current job. I saw one interesting thing while examining the area, there was one child, a girl about fourteen with rare azure hairs and eyes, something began to come up in my mind... "You had yellow eyes and bit blonde hair, and these characteristics may tell you about compatibility and for the potential, you will have to see the aura coming from the person to see their true talent, I know that it might be hard but you will eventually get it," I remembered what my master said. "Eureka!," I shouted. I knew it for sure that this girl may have slight chance of meeting our standard. I didn't notice it before but this child had practically dead eyes, and I somehow noticed that she wasn't human, but mix of divine beings. I originally planned to confront her sooner or later, but that look of her sparked the very core of my curiosity, so I decided to hide in the shadows.

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