If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


36. Reunion? Maybe Not

<Rein's Perspective>

I have been travelling for days, weeks, and maybe months, I have yet to find anyone who is candidate as our recruit. My supplies were gradually dropping, I didn't expect the travel to take any longer than a week, but I may have underestimated the size of the off limit zones. "If only I can be in multiple places at the same time," I whined. As generic pessimist, the only thing I could have thought was the worst case scenarios, and none of those weren't as pathetic or horrifying as anything that I experienced in my life in general. Nowadays, because of my near white hair and my half set of wings, the supposedly friendly elves and other mythical creatures have been uneasy about my existence, maybe because of the fact that when I consumed the Bahamut, my permanently destroyed wing came back to me, but this time it was purely black, Master explained it might be because of sudden change in melanin structure. Because of this misunderstanding, flying to look for the town is no longer an option, so the week worth of journey became longer that what it should have, and I barely managed to look for a town with strong species. Most of the towns had Renaissance look and feel, the concept of merchants, old fashioned buildings, and living in old fashioned rules. And finally, at weeks of waiting, I came across well developed town, large one at that. "Town of Redi, maybe I can find qualifying individuals," I had my hopes up for the first time in long period. The guards were unsurprisingly as generic as it can ever get, they were quite.... quite the same as what everyone would expect, high in pride and some may be as corrupted as human may get. I also found some injustice in this world as well, the slavery may not be existing in this world, yet there was signs of secondary citizenship mistreatment and other harsh fate awaiting for those you are not simply wealthy. "Maybe the past is not as different as the world right now," I admitted it, "Why does humanity has to do this every time when people with the strongest ability comes to the throne? I wonder when they will get tired of this madness.

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