If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


40. Reunion Fifth Story

"Ten of thousandth digit beasts only for 10 gold?" I shouted from the bottom of my heart, "That is a daylight robbery!" "Sorry, we can't get you price any higher than this," the merchant quietly sighed. "This should have been at least thousand gold, and its the most generous price I can give you," I replied back. "Knight, I don't think we can sell it for high price just because we complain about it, trust me, we have done something more than just talking," Uriel gave me a unusual look at me. "Fine, but if that thing gets sold for more than what we did, then you better expect to meet your maker sooner or later," I gave him off intimidating look. "If you want at least thousand golds, then I got this one special mission for you," the merchant smirked at me. I wasn't sure if I could trust him, but the mission information was the real deal. "Rescuing mission? For who?" I asked. "Its the son of the one of the most prestigious families in the floating nation, and he has been missing for more than a month," he explained, "Because he wanted the person who saved him to receive the reward, we don't usually show this but your way of labeling the beast suggest that you are from the floating nation." "How is the deal Urie-" I tilted my head toward her, but the face she made when she heard the word thousand gold was simply adorable. "We will do it," she said. I had no choice but to do what she said. Its been about an hour ever since we came out and looked for this missing spoiled child(Although this person is about my age). We have been travelling by foot, but Uriel seemed to have hard time catching up. "We will rest here, I know that these golds are important but we need to care about your health," I suggested. "Alright," she seemed tired. "I will look around," I jumped around the branches of the trees and I heard large explosive noises. The flaming body of a lizard indicated that this monster was Flame Salamander, and there was group of twenty or thirty person team around my age, and they seemed familiar. I jumped hundred foot from the ground level and prepared my gun, while descending, I switched to my dual edged sword and stopped the movement of the salamander by connecting it to me. I landed at the floor of the forest, and I saw the familiar faced around me. "Why are you?" I panicked. These people were obviously surprised because of me, and the most familiar face is, Carn. "You?" I pointed. "Rein?" he shouted back. It was clear that we both had lots of questions to ask. 

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