If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


30. Reformation

[25 Seconds Remaining] "<Limit Breaker 5x>," I used the skill. Limit Breaker is supposed to drain my stamina as much as I am multiplying it by, yet I feel that just 5x is not enough to drain it all, my stamina is being increased much faster than my current skill. I wondered what my stats were, and here is what I found: Strength: 28159, Defense:19652, Agility:32501, Stamina:45102, and Mana: 5013. Most of my stats were increased more than hundred times, I couldn't help but to feel surprised about it, I reached the height many couldn't even dream about. In order to conduct some research afterward, I stored at least 10 ton of <Healing Water>, 2, 4, 6, 8 based on the grading of the crystals, and every ounce of metals that I found on the cave. Because of the fact that two bahamuts were fighting each other, I couldn't go near it, so I decided to use test out Electromagnetism attack <Lightning>. I underestimated its destructive ability, with just one shot, it destroyed large portion of the wall, and only thing I tried to do was to blind the bahamut and move as quickly as I can. My misfortune still remained, the third bahamut, the Fulgur Bahamut glared at me. One two creatures save similar specialty, attacks do not harm as much. Aqua Bahamut was severely damaged but Geo Bahamut wasn't affected at all, because of the pros and cons of their elemental abilities. Although those Bahamuts could have killed me, I couldn't feel but to feel bad about it. I felt bit responsible for it, so I asked. "What do I get from defeating Fulgur one?" I used my Insight skills. [By consuming its flesh, your specialty will advance many levels.] "If Lightning doesn't work, then my only choice is to kill it physically, but how?" I began to get confused. I can not use anything like creation type ability to make a sword or anything, and only thing I can do is to control electromagnetism, which can also control, "Metal, that is it," I became excited. "That Bahamut is same thing as me, if I attack it with a blade, that it will also control it back, but if I use bullets, then it will not be able to stop it. But there is a second problem, I don't enough materials to make a gun, although I know the structures that I can make one with, I don't have enough-"Analyze the metals" [Explosive Metal: Acts similar to gunpowder if mana is added in], [Durable Metal: Electricity proof, Water Proof, Fire Proof, and Explosion Proof], [Regenerative Metal: Regenerates metal when mana source is nearby, conducts electricity well.] "This is it," I finally found a solution. 

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