If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


32. Recruitment Job

When I woke up near the entrance, my vision became more clear than it was ever before, my arms and legs were longer and the entire world seems to became a bit smaller than before. I saw Master near the entrance, as if nothing happened to him, I came to approach him but he set there and said, "Congratulation, you are no longer Rein you used to be." "No longer what I used to be?" I asked. "Look at yourself in the mirror, you will definitely know it," he threw the mirror at me, with a force that previous me wouldn't have able to simply touch it without being heavily injured. "Who is this?" I questioned the person in the mirror. My hair bleached, it was now light gold, and so was my height, it used to be 165 centimeters. "Check Stat," I wanted to check even in the middle of the confusion. [Rein Helios(Lightning Bahamut) Stats: S:41051+15182, D:29515+9141,A:48201+4123, St:59410, SS: 15102] The "training" was really worth the shot, but I still didn't understand few things. Why is Lightning Bahamut beside my name, and why is there plus in stats? [The name beside represent your title, and the plus on the stats are additional points from the specialty] By the way, I found some of your companions here, or should I say traitors?" Master told me. "Traitors? The only person who betrayed me was... Deca and Kane?" I began to remember my situation. "What have you done to us, I am the son of the noble!," Kane arrogantly declared at us. "Its alright Kane, it's that loser Rein, what can he do to us? Say something so smart that our brain is going to explode anytime?" Deca chuckled. "Spark," I used weaker version of Lightning, which is supposed to create simple spark, but for me who has stat over ten thousand, "AGHHHHHHHH," both of them screamed from fear, although it was not close to hitting them, not that I intended to do so. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU ALMOST KILLED US WITH LIGHTNING?" Kane screamed at me. Deca suddenly noticed the situation and headbutted Kane in the shoulder, pushing him back. "I am sorry for what I said, but how did you get stronger? and how did you get that gun in your hand?" he seems to be playing word trick on me, "We are friends aren't we? Friends are supposed to help each other?" I used my electricity to grabbed the Explosion Ore, I fused it with my Magnum and shoot my side of the forest, with one flick of a trigger, the entire area of the forest was cleared out. "I will go by your logic, because I was weaker and you were strong, lets say you had the right to do it to the weakest like me, since I am stronger now, doesn't it mean that I can do whatever i want with you?" I decided to do their wordplay before I move my arms and legs.

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