If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


55. Ranking

"That thing is made from extincted ancient technology, its value is immeasurable, whatever you call it becomes the value, no matter how many zeroes you add in," Galat explained. "Why did you give this to me? Isn't it better for you to wear it?" I asked. "No, my current outfit is more sophisticated than that bulky armor, and though it may look like just the average piece of clothing, it has highest caliber of defense attribute,  Absolute Resistance, Invulnerability, and Absolute Absorption," He responded with smile in his face, "It also fits by the user just like that thing, it absorbs all the shocks, from literally anything, and it can't change its shape other than what it is currently, meaning that even if it was to be near black hole, it would travel without being affected by the space distortion caused by the immense gravity." "Gravity? Black hole? What are those?" I asked whatever these words meant. "Forget it," he replied. "But what about weapon?" I was wondering at this point. "I don't usually carry a weapon, my ability is more than enough for any situation in this world, but I do have my primary weapon, and its not one but two," He responded, "Both are unnamed and they are both identical in terms of shape and color." "What can it do?" I asked. "It is unbreakable, the weight is less than that of a feather, and it is generally compatible with additional temporary attribute, with no limits," He responded, "By no limit, I mean that it can literally be fused with user's special with no limit and it depends on the user, it can also change its form to any type of weapon. By the way, it can also change its shape, and since it is unbreakable, it means that whatever it gets in the way of its expansion may get crushed or annihilated, only the material or existence greater than Truth Stage may avoid immediate death." "What is Truth Stage?" I asked. "There are ten stages of strength organization regardless of difference in leveling. The Beginning Stage, Elementary State, Intermediate Stage, Advanced Stage, Master Stage, Material Stage, Immaterial Stage, Sacred Stage, Truth Stage, Absolute Stage," He replied, "Truth Stage, nicknamed because of the strength of the individuals capable of searching for the truth of this world without being encountered with human business, and that is the minimum requirement just to survive the immediate death, and it doesn't necessarily mean that they will survive it, it just means that they would not die in first 0.01 second of hit or later." I felt chill down to my very spine. 

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