If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


21. Preparation

"This so called prologue of the training really is rough," Carl whined. "Rest while you can, it may be even tougher tomorrow," Evan suggested. Both Evan and Carl are classmates who I often talk to, and I am glad they were with me to have a conversation. "I wonder what is going to happen to our country," I talked to myself. "If only we can do something about those raiders," Carl raised a point. "We may really be inexperienced with battle, we would have been dead long before we can become the savior or whatsoever," Evan replied back. "I don't want to go the adventure, but I think the training will be worth the time," I suggested. "That may be the only way that we can fill our inexperience," Evan agreed. "What are we doing, if tomorrow is going to be worse, then lets rest while we can," Carl smiled slightly. "Sure," both Evan and I responded. We created mini defense mechanism around the shelter(the small part of the debris), and rest of the training equipment are to be made by Ri himself. "I wonder if my parents are alright," I thought. We could have only thought about ourselves during the danger, but when things were settled, I began to worry about others. The night went on silently, no one dared to leave the base at the this time. 

<Morning> 5 A.M

<Day 1> I had about eight hours of sleep, eleven if I count the hours that I had to take a nap before the incident, for half vampire, it is more than enough. During the night, it seems that Ri had created all of the training equipment, and all of which are highly detailed. "How does anyone?" I questioned. For unknown reason, I began to train earlier than anyone else. For some reason, my heart raced when I experience my progress. For definite reason, I wasn't afraid of the training anymore, it seems natural process of my life. During the first week, my general understandings of the magic has significantly increased. "Maybe the desk education might not be the best option, sometimes experiencing things in real time should be more effective," I thought. The thought of returning home was the only motivation I had. The imagination of myself being important figure of the country was really exciting. "I will return home," I said. "Another gear stuck in the cycle, without knowing the reason...." Ri quietly stood by. 

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