If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


47. New life/Start of the Action!

"Are you saying that this is Demon continent and everyone other than I am a demon outside?" I shouted, "What is this Demon continent? I haven't heard a land without a proper name." "It may be considered as a Demon Continent here but the international name for this area would be town of Tegat, it's just that by the location, there is difference in not only the naming system but how it is usually referred as," She explained it to me," If they know that humans are here, that person may face quite a danger here." "What type of danger?" I asked. "Discrimination is the basic thing here, you will be bullied and might even get a treatment that can be easily considered as horrible," she frowned, "Why can't we just get together?" "Then why are you not hating me?" I asked out of curiosity. "You see, my son-in-law is also human, and even before that, I was already fine with them," she replied. "How old are you this year?" I asked. "About 315?" she replied casually. "I called her granny because she seemed like it, but she is at age to become someone's great great great great great great great great grandmother..." I was shocked by the lifespan, "What type of demon are you?" "I am known as one of the Heta Demons, known for their closest resemblance as humans. The only significant difference is our white hairs from birth and short height." She replied. I couldn't see it but I can see that she is only about 150 centimeter at best. "What can I do now?" I asked. "You need to rest," She replied. "No, after I rest, what am I supposed to do?" I asked again. "When you came here, I told everyone that you are my distant relative, but in order to be accepted in this world, I think being stronger both physically and mentally is needed," she replied. "Alright, after this, I will go outside and train myself!" I acted like a tomboy. "I don't recommend that way, it is much harder and I think just helping me with daily chores would be good, but if that is what you want, then you can do so," She gave me a sigh, but laughed a bit later. "Thanks!" I replied. After 2 week, my wounds disappeared like a miracle, and I began my training. My daily life has gotten about the same as the life up there because of the people doubting my identity and considering me as a human. It is true though. However, the freedom was great, greater than any body parts I would have sacrifice for. I devoted to myself to my swordsmanship and basic magic training until this encounter. 

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