If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


43. Moving On

Carn's Perspective

Only thing we ever got was magic efficiency and original magic skills, but he is on another level, no another generation away from us right now. I will die if I am to take him seriously, so the best option should be getting arrested by him. "Not in my wildest dreams," I shouted. Even if I have high chance of death just by deciding to face him, what is the point of not doing anything? Beside, it is always my thing to be the one who challenges, not the one who is being challenged. "I won't do anything funny, but I want you to fight me seriously," I declared. "Fine." With one word, our battle begun. My newest ability is foresight, and with my natural reaction speed, I could parry most attacks, but just looking at next move won't do, so the best option is. "<Invisible armor>" I used my secondary variant of original skill series, Invisible armor. It would be ineffective to create large chunk of armor, it would just slow down my speed, so I will only create small bit of debris to deflect the attack, and wait for my chance to counter it. It is like a battle between life and a death. The two of us will decide everything on this one attack. I was nervous, very nervous, so nervous that having butterfly expression wouldn't describe my feeling right now. [I will die if I don't do this right.] I naturally thought. Even I have not used my invisible armor to such range, its thanks to him that I can make this work. [Here goes nothing!] I left my hesitant mind over to the corner of my mind, and the only thing remained was exactly what I had to do, attack him with everything I have. [Master Level Sword Technique: Unresistant Wind]. I used my best technique, unresistant wind, which acts as a vacuum blade, but not only as the blade of the sword but the entire area within 100 meter radius. I used every drain of energy I had, meaning that I would pass out after looking at the result. I was curious, did it get him? I looked but, confident of my ability. However, he was still standing, without a single drop of blood. [I thought I avoided his attack and I...] [Did I really avoid his attack?] The answer was no. Because I focus too much on the attack, rather than the defense, he just had to attack me with brute force to change the direction of the attack. He used my leg to get the effectiveness at its highest and still not get noticed by me. It was complete loss, I accept it. I wonder where I will wake up? In the prison? Or my home? I didn't know but I knew that this long journey was interrupted, not that I wanted to do what Ri said anyway. (End of the second chapter:Division) 


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