If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


49. Meeting

"Grandma!!!" I was shocked to see granny hurt this badly. "What happened to you?" I asked desperately. "Humans, are invading us again for our natural resource, us," she explained it in low voice but I could hear it, "Our bodies are filled with energy known as mana, and they are willing to rip it off from our body if it meant for the revival of their executives." "Granny, don't talk, you will bleed even more!" I stopped her. Her back was torn, and it seems that she had barely done any treatment for herself. "Any doctors? Healers? or anyone who can stop her bleeding?" everyone was running away from us, and something was behind them too. One by one the villagers dropped dead, by invisible force. "Isn't that a human?" one of the killers said to another. "Bro, if you look closely, she has markings of the samples, she is clearly a traitor," the taller one replied. "Hey young miss," the middle sized one came to me, "I don't usually do this but you had done sinful deed, just by being with that demon!" He grabbed me by my neck and I was unable to move, and I was unable to run either. "L...let me g...go," I was completely helpless. I will die at this pace. Its bad. Its really bad. I tried to kick him with my legs but it must the grip worse. "I don't want to die," I would have said the opposite but right now, for granny, I wanted to live, it was this meeting. Behind their bodies, I saw boy around my age with really long hair. I called out for help, and at a blink of time the power of the grip that forced me to the walls was loosened. Actually, it wasn't loosened, but the hand that was grabbing my neck was severed from the middle sized murderer. "Ugh!" He responded just now. The boy was in the wall, as if he was standing in the walls. He did front flip where I saw his face directly. His purple hair mixed with black resembled that of the dragons, not to mention the bloody purple eyes of the predator he had. He did the kick while he was doing the flip. He apparently received me by one of his arms, and he grabbed granny Emilia with the other. Without fighting the murderers, he simply ran to the near by area that can be considered safe. When the murderers came charging at us, he demonstrated his artful skills: Aerobic knee kick with the fastest one, connecting it with low vertical kick, and pushing himself up with just his hands and finishing with stable horizontal kick. It was quite a sight to witness.  

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