If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


45. Markings

"Alright, today, you are going to have a little surgery today, miss," a man that seems like a doctor came to see me. He had two assistants with a stretcher to pull me to the surgery room. For the first time in last 3 years, I faced the sunlight, which had seemed too bright for me to see directly. I saw myself in the reflection. Lets see... I was "volunteered" in this experiment when I was ten years old, it means that right now, I am at least thirteen years old. I am thirteen year old girl with a white hair from the stress, unclean condition from years of poor environment, and skin with barely any color into them. It shouldn't be good as an introduction, but because of my very desire to kill those who caused this to happen, I cannot help but to say something that would get my anger down, but what I have been thinking has been adding fuel to the fire, it was making it worse. "Mmmnnn!!!" I couldn't talk either because they blindfolded me and tied me up in the leather suit. How was I able to know the difference between the sunlight and what not? It was warm, maybe too warm and new for people like me, who have been away from it for such a long period of time. I wonder where I am heading to. A torture chamber? I have been royal to them, not like I was really anyway. Its not like I heard anyone who have gone there in my area of cages. The highest possible was undoubtedly the testing area, where we are tested for the type of beasts that we are compatible for. This is bad. This is really bad. This is worse than dying. Becoming a vessel means that you will lose your consciousness and become like a offering to revive monsters that have been dead. I don't want to lose my life at age thirteen, I just seen the light of the day in three years. I started to feel that my eyes have become moist, almost as if I was about to cry. I suddenly noticed that I was stopped by something, or that I had reached my destination. "Interesting sample today, and its a cute one, too," an auntie with weird uniform began to speak in front of my eyes. If I told her that she was an auntie, then I would probably die before even becoming what I am not. I was standing, not by my own foot but by the leather attachment in my back, the stretcher attached the the thing that is held by the wall. "Stop the chit chat, start the experiment now," the old grandpa said, "Beside, that thing is quite unusual thing to see." [Thing huh] [I am not even recognized as a human anymore]  

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