If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


15. Introduction of Hybrids

Ragn Helios is widely known to be an Elf, but our mother is complete vampire. Both Rein and I are one of the first Vampire Elves in this world. We don't have to consume blood every night or so(It's not like we are allowed to get out after ten.) and we don't die out in the sun, though its twice as harmful to us than average humans. The best feature of hybrids are the fact that we get the best feature of each. For example, our natural senses and how the plants react to us are from our elf blood while the high regeneration speed and physical strength is from our vampire blood. The advantage of this hybrid childrens became hot topic and as of now, all the scientific experiment regarding designing dna are illegal. Some may think that I am living in advantage because of my family, but in our nation, every gets to be treated the same, regarding their status. Both Rein and I go to elite academy, Erwin Institute, but both of us are not in same class, we are twins(I am younger by two minutes). After I finished my essay, I threw myself against the bed and started to sleep. <Seven A.M> "C-A-R-N, did you forget what you did to our bed(We have bunk bed) last night?" Rein said while he flipped me in the air. "Did I finally become a bird?" I said while half asleep. "Steins, could you bring us our toothbrush and regular meal?" I asked. Steins is name of our personal artificial assistant robot and its solo purpose is to maintain our house, finish our daily deed, and the best feature is that it can talk to us while we are bored. Regular meal was the default food that we chose to eat, there are other courses but I didn't feel like for any of those today. "Pancake with strawberry and creams and hot cocoa should be containing sufficient amount of nutrient for the day, young sir." Steins responded. <Seven-Thirty A.M.> "Its already seven thirty, we have to go now." I said while putting my uniform on. Erwin institute forc- no makes us wear gray uniform with red necktie and white shirt. <Seven-Forty A.M.> We ran like there is no tomorrow. "You know that security bots will appear after seven fifty, and those robots was considered the sign of bad luck next to the ladder." Rein shouted. "It's time to use our last resort, commence plan B!" Plan B was also known as Plan Bat(No pun intended, not that there was any), vampires have bat wings, but in our case, it had white feathers like birds, and it was never to be known why. <Seven-Forty nine> "We will make it, just one more step." I said while I was being strikes by the closing gate, or rather birdstrike. "What...I thought we made it." I said. "Check your watch Einstein, yours is a minute slower." Rein said. "Oh.... Aunt Reina will kill us." 

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