If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


17. Incident

<May 2nd> Ri is now one of the most well known student in our school. Although he scored highest in the class, being rightful target of envy, none of us couldn't hate him because of his modesty and his expression that doesn't show the slightest hint of arrogance. I thought that this year could have ended the same way it has been for last two years, but one single event changed it all. <The Union> "Thanks to our heroes, we were able to maintain peace over the century." Albert, the Advisor, claimed. "But, our experiment with the Fourth Hero(Term used to describe ones that will serve the country), has been canceled due to unidentified errors." "How many years can three of our Heroes can last?" Philip, the general, said. "At most, they can last only about ten years and at earliest, even this very minute of time can be possible." Kale, the head scientist said. "If only we were able to gather more energy cores." "Then shouldn't we take it by force by invading the country above?" Chrono said. "It's time for us to make our move, we can't let our head figure to die without doing anything." "I agree,  we have to show them who is better." "I, too, agree with this idea." "I agree." "I also agree." Everyone started to agree about the idea and before long, Chrono raised his hand and everyone kept quiet. "As everyone said, I too agree with the idea." he said. "I am hereby to give you the permission to invade the nation of the sky."


Our days after the testing period was peaceful, every gained freedom from the pressure of the test, and many satisfied parents decided to give their children break from academic work. If only it has been kept this way, this peacefulness was broken in single moment. The loud explosion echoed through our heads. "What is going on?" I said. The building started to collapse. "AGGHHHH" I could hear screams anywhere. Since none of us were used to this situation, all we could do was to stay in the panic. We thought that it was end for us, but Ri came out of nowhere and said, "Everyone, stay calm. If you are able to move, then help the ones who are injured." One sentence fueled the action. All of us began to take a part at surviving through this disaster. I was surprised to find that person who did this was Ri of all people.

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