If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


28. Game Changer

High Grade minerals have the same energy quality as High Grade Beast's core. Geo Bahamut has been living in this area for a while, meaning that it has been harnessing the energy for as long as it first came here. When the intruder(me) came barging in, it probably couldn't feel but be furious about coming to his homeground. The first thing it did to me was simple body tackle, I attempted to avoid it by flying up in the air but my one wing couldn't support my entire body weight and I was hit. It wasn't as if the wall that I was thrown off was "soft" it was all sharp crystals with at least 10 in Moh's hardness graph. I covered with my wing, and the damage was reduced to about twenty percent, wise decision.  The blood started to spark something in the crystals, something... something that I simply cannot comprehend. [Insight Gained]. "W-what is this?" my mind became unknowingly clear, as if I gained thousand of years worth of wisdom. Many questions in my head began to become answered one by one. [Insight: ability to analyze and receive solution to some situations] "Some?" I began to get curious. [Insight Tier 1: Lowest of Wisdom Class, requires mental attribute to advance to next stage] "I see, its becoming more clear, Analyze the structures!" I whispered. With just one word, ten different crystals came to an organization. [Wisdom Crystals: Improves Mentality by 10] [High Class Healing Crystal: Heals fifty percent of any wounds or effects] [Strength Crystals: Increase Strength Stat by 5-10(luck)] I noticed that some of the effects depended on luck, and also there was ones that said, [?????: Requirement-Tier 2]. "I need to absorb some of this before that giant comes, but how do I get the time?" I began to plan the situation out. While I was wondering about my next move, Aqua Bahamut emerged from the bottomless water. "Oh, I forgot that the I landed on the <Healing Water>," I began to thank the timing, "Now is the chance, I will have to make those two fight each other, and use that time as a decoy." Behind the emerging Aqua Bahamut, I threw a rock at the face of the Geo Bahamut, and as soon as it took the attack, Geo Bahamut used Earth Shift, one of high earth magic. "This is it, I have to get as many good ones as I can," I hastily moved out. 

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