If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


7. Foundation

 I decided to create small territory close to the border. The environmentalist disagreed with the idea of clearing out the forest(To be honest, I don't want to either), so I decided to create waterway in the desert(It was perfect since there are barely any missions that sends armies into that area). I teleported to the dessert with Ragn and Reina, the other people were to evacuate with their family. Since I will be changing the geography of this area, teleported about hundred meters high in the sky. "Hmm.....Where can I find the water source?" I questioned. I couldn't find any fresh water nearby. I decided to find ground water. I could use every fundamental forces fluently, but it seems that the more beast kings core I have, stronger other three forces can be. Since ability of movement is related with gravity, my authority level have not reached bottleneck yet. Most nations now have environmentally friendly unlimited source of energy made from diffusion of molecules, so the extraction of fuels have been mostly been 3rd world method. This means that the possibility of this dessert having explosive-by-fire material is extremely high. The best option was to use anti-gravity. My last measurement was radius of ten thousand kilometers of distance and up to seven thousand ton of weight to lift, it might not cover the entire desert but would be more than enough to search for possible water way. "Anti-gravity" I said. It almost instantly lifted up the entire desert. "How long was my last measurement?" I questioned myself.(That was more than a year ago). I found the waterway and continued to work with my plan. Dragon King was also famous for his Sage level wisdom. (Sages are humans who are able to comprehend even the most difficult question). It allowed me to control gravity and construct buildings with gravity.(It can't be done easily by humans because the amount of control associated with this move takes more space for equation than entire house.) I managed to find irons inside of the sand, and I could notice that all the improvements were similar to how humanity improved over thousands of decades. Within the short period of ten days, the micronation were equipped with high tech items. To be honest, I did not want to be with people who are far behind me, so creating a nation was my only option at that time. After finishing the work, I knew immediately that I have to face other three beast kings.

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