If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


56. Examination

"What are you then?" I asked. "I am being that pasts current human comprehensions, and I would need at least several new words to describe my level," he just kept smiling, and I felt that he was underestimating me. "What about me?" I asked. "Oh, you.... You are at best Master Stage, these people have mastered general composition of their primary ability, but haven't gone farther than reaching it by themselves," he replied, "There are ten billion people in this world, though it declined after the certain war hundreds of years ago and the prediction went wrong because of that, and there are about hundred thousand Master Stage in this world, its about 0.00001 percent of the population. However, compared to me, the only one in this world, you still have more way to go. By the way, the chance of Master Stage advancing to Material Stage drops significantly." "Why do they drop?" I asked. "Its because most don't understand the ability's true nature, most understand what the textbooks tells them, that is why its much harder for them to actually bypass that line," he replied. "If you are that strong, way did you not use them at all?" I asked another question. "First of all, I don't need to use strong ability to get out of that situation, second of all, most of my abilities are locked," he replied. "What about that lightning thing that you used, it seemed like strong one," I asked. "That was elementary grade skill that I just used high output on, the real thing would have destroyed not just them but the entire city," he replied, "My strongest attacks are mainly about gravity and explosion, more like vast amount of energy." "Energy? Gravity?" I wondered. "When mass points down to one single point, the immense gravity makes it the black hole, even the light cannot escape it. I artificially create one using this 10 grams of rock and compressing with extreme gravity to make one. However, the energy released from this process is ten times greater than that of the strongest explosion skills that are currently available in this world. I harness the energy and I either send it into my weapons or my own body, and this alone is more than enough to destroy a city or two," he began to explain something that didn't reach inside my head, "However, this is just a rock, in my prime, I used asteroids and even already established black hole and accelerated time around it to make it emit large energy. By absorbing all these energy, my current power at that point was at least 5 million times that of my original strengths." "Five million?" I was shocked. "I also used techniques that breaks the limits on human body, and I believe that was about ten thousand times," he replied. "I get that breaking limit my get you farther but how and where did the ten thousand come from?" I asked. "My structure is different from yours, my regeneration rate was at least thousand times better than yours, and by knowing that I poured all of my original energy(or mana) and used it along with the outside energy. It would normally break your body from inside out but my regenerative ability hold on to the very last moment," he replied, "By the way, the total combined increase was about 50 billion, and this was the minimum physical requirement to travel from the Unknown Realm, place that no one have left out alive. 

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