If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


8. Establishment

Its been about a month since we settled in the desert. Our technology wasn't far away from other large nations and we had a population of two hundred and growing. It has been proven that using my ability works the same way as overcompensation in physical exercise, the more I use, the stronger it becomes. My rate of growth has risen up ever since I found method to cooperate both physical and force ability into my daily training. But I still couldn't let go of my original purpose of traveling, so I hired former operation managers to search for their signal(Beast's core are able to be represented as signals). I raised my daily exercise to twelve hour from eight was not of because of the fact that I will be fighting against my equal but also the fact that I don't have much to do. I didn't think that days like this would go for more than a week or so but there we go, a month. "Time sure flies fast." I chuckled. If I was to mention some changes, then it would be the fact that Ragn is now walking as a blacksmith. In my possession, I found one master blacksmith's book which relied heavily on sense of touch and hearing. As soon as I recommended it to Ragn, he seems happy about his new work. In this world, there are five tiers of weapons that smiths can create. From the highest to lowest, it is mythical, legendary ,artifact, rare, and common. Although Ragn wanted to start with at least artifact level items, I recommended him to start with the fundamentals, it was later proven to be more effective. Being able to create artifact tier weapon in a month is impressive enough, but he also gained insight to tailoring. Thanks to his effort, my hundred-year-old fashion style became more modern and comfortable. The base of my clothing has been built with both tailoring and blacksmith(Magic) while the features and other impressive effects were brought to life thanks to the newest invention of the science division. To explain it briefly, my long sleeve shirt and pants are highly breathable, maintaining my body at comfortable state even in blazing desert, and it is made to be able to absorb shock damage. It has higher durability and its main point is the carbon technology which maintains the armor at light weight yet impenetrable at the same time. Ragn personally give his best to create fourth(Legendary) tier jacket that has been permanently enchanted with boosts such as thirty percent increase in speed, flame resistance, shock resistance, and user regeneration. This project took Ragn and his subordinates about a week without sleep. I couldn't ask him anything more(I do have a emotion called sympathy) and came to conclusion to request any leftover blacksmith to create my temporally weapon. I didn't want it to be another all night work so I simply asked them if I can get something as simple as staff. I thought that artifact level staff would be easily broken just by the force that I can swing it with. The solution was to make it completely self healing, but the downside were at least one second of cool down period before it can be fully healed. I was ready with my newest equipment until I heard the most surprising sentence of my life that I couldn't help but to drop my jaw. 

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