If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


46. Disposal

"What is this? What kind of joke are you playing with me?" elderly researcher shouted, "She didn't get affected, she was an irregular, who was responsible for this?" It seems that I am still myself but I am not sure if I will make out of this either. "She is useless, dispose her!" with a single sentence, armed soldiers dragged me to the large, metal door. My mind wasn't clear at that time but I think it said something like disposal room. "If only her data wasn't incorrect, then she wouldn't have to be disposed like this," they talked among themselves, "Off you go kid." I was pushed, and I fell but didn't land on anything. It was as if... as if I was being dropped? I opened my eyes despite the horror, and I noticed the fact that I was literally skydiving from the top of the sky. "No way, were the experiments and everything held on that large thing? No wonder why no one suspected it," I cried. Normally, I would have begged for my life or something, but right now, maybe this is better than returning to the cage. "I don't want to face this dirty world anymore, I am sick and tired to face the reality now, I really am running away from it..." I quietly thought that to myself. I wondered where I would land. My conscious began to fade. "Am I really sleepy despite having all these winds by myself?" I talked to myself. The next thing that happened me was unknown, but as soon as I woke up, I saw one granny. My entire body was treated with high medical technology, but there is no way that any technology would be able to match this type of treatment. I couldn't see any type of machine that could have done it, I doubted the possibility of certain mysterious ancient techniques being the key either. "Is this what they call magic?" I thought, "Nah, I am just imagining it." The granny beside me noticed that I woke up. Shortly after, she approached me, "******* **** ****** ****** *****?" What? What type of language is she speaking? The language barrier seemed like a biggest challenge, it would be really bad if the person treating me spoke different language. "So, you don't speak in Legas, do you understand this?" mysterious granny said. I almost cried, she seemed to much like an angel for this foreign land. "Yes I do!" I replied. "My name is Emilia Hadel, may I ask for your name?" Emilia introduced herself. "My name? I forgot it..." normal introduction should be the normal thing but not knowing my name was quite an awkward situation. 

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