If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


51. Difference in ability

Total of seventeen enemies, the highest being level 418 and the lowest being 104. These people were too strong to be called as bandits, there are no way that they should be one either. I have no idea why these people would invade this place after all. "Rose, look closely at their eyes, what do you see?" Galat asked. I carefully did what he told me to do, and saw all of the eyes of the enemies, and I found the common thing. "Their eye color is all red? Although they are different races?" I answered him. "If you look closer, you can see the marks near their pupils, meaning that they are revived beings, basically undeads," he carefully explained, "I recognize some of these people; Faden, the hero of the north, Arie, the knight assassin, and Teya, the dragon slayer. These people have been told in the history to be legends, but they have been at least a century years old, its impossible for them to be even standing." "But how did they talk?" I asked. "It wasn't these so called geniuses that talked, it was those low life I-am-the-greatest-in-my-own-world people who had their desire put on their very deepest core of the bones," he explained. "So, do we need to find their controller? Probably a Necromancer?" I asked. "Your Absolute Predator is quite interesting, I will show you how you actually use it," he replied in wrong direction. <Copied Skill Series: Zeus's Lightning Strike> "My version of copied skills changes whatever the energy into red or black colored theme, but the effects are more or less the same," he murmured to himself. With just one statement, the entire sky became dark, with red bolts roaring like thousands of beasts. "This is what it takes to be in my level!" he declared. The lightning formed the shape of the lance and materialized over his hand, he used the advantage of lance's large distance in order to take down the enemies as fast as he can. He formed the circle of lance attacking which damaged the entire buildings, some were even slashed in half, near the area that we were currently in and I was almost caught in the attack if it wasn't for my quick reaction speed. The result: The so called heroes and other famous legends were cut in half with just one large swing, but they were not just cut in half, they were also burnt to ash because of the heat from the electricity. It was true that they were undeads, no human could took that without a scream.  

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