If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


25. Definition of Ruler

"The God System," he said. "The god system?" I asked. "There are humans stronger than the rest of the population, they  began to call themselves as gods and started to act as if they are one," he replied, "One by one, they began to look down on humans and other species and considered them as filthy and inferior to them." "So they are just the imitators, but why did you say that you are part of it?" I asked. "They came to recruit me as the part of the system, and I joined without knowing the detail," he continued, "But as I was well known to be stronger than the entire population, they began to fear me, and started the war against me and the so called demons." "Why did you side up with the demons?" I asked. "I didn't intend to, demons are just free spirits, though they cause troubles, majority of them are peaceful, similar to bacteria," he began to talk, "But in order to create excuse, they tricked me to certain situation and become the enemies of "gods"." "How did it end?" I became more curious. "I simply couldn't let one side win and other die out, to gain the balance of this world, I had no choice but the damage both sides equally, and luckily, there was no deaths," he said, "That is the end of explanation for you, I can not reveal any more information." I was simply asking to burn down my curiosity but something came on to my mind. "How did I get to come here? What happened while I was unconscious?" I asked desperately. "Its a long story, but you were taken to the truck of corpses and disposed here," he casually answered. "Did I look that dead?" I asked. "You did die, almost," he answered. "Almost?" I was curious. "If I did not do basic acupuncture on you, then you would have not make this far," he simply sighed. I began to wonder, I can't go back to the city, not that I can blame them for not saving me, but for some reason I didn't want to go back. In order to survive here, it would take more than just my ability to see tomorrow. Out of five hundred and twenty one people in the academy, I was the dead last, because of my Special Stamina, or commonly known as "mana". Even If I die now, no one will even remember me except for my family, but that is the best case scenario that they are alive and well. "How can I get stronger with this untalented body?" I asked with determination. "Forget about calling me strongest, you can start by calling me master and train under me," he began to smile a bit. "Yes, master," I simply responded. 

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