If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


26. Climbing the Laddors

The first thing that you get when enrolling any type of school in the floating island is our Stats. Stats are something that can be raised through vigorous training and effort. But there are often exceptions, meaning some can be only achieved through talent, and it was the worst one possible, the limits. If we were to consider the limit as a bowl and the stat as the water, then a person with small bowl will not be able to handle large energy, that is how the stat system cuts of the small ones. Here is my latest stat: Strength(S): 196, Defense(D): 78, Agility(A): 240, Stamina(St): 140. Most of this is basically average and below average but worst of all, my Special Stamina(SS) is 39, the lowest in the history of my school. Lets compare this to Carn: S: 378, D:245, A:570, St:404, and most of all SS:1191. One of the reason why he has higher basic stat is because of his passive ability, refinement, and I don't even have a basic skills. In order to train myself to be stronger, instead of going at the pointless magic, I trained in skills and martial art. But there also was limits how well you can train with it too. I am willing to give up my humanity to become stronger, stronger than anyone who have looked down at me. "Focus on the training, not to whatever you are imagining," Master shouted. I do not know who master is, but only thing I can say for sure is that he is strong, stronger than anyone I have ever seen, and with his help, I might change my fate. After three week of my basic training, I noticed that my new stats were S:238, D:142, A:286, and St:210. By far, it was the greatest improvement there have ever been, but as usual my SS was only 42, barely three point higher, and I am afraid that it might even be temporally. Today master told me that I am going to have real battle outside of his domain, and somewhere named dungeon, which somehow sounds very menacing. We landed in the cave looking tunnel. "Inside here, you will meet a strong beasts, and if you survive and see the daylight tomorrow, I can insure you that you will be stronger than anyone in your country," Master said. "But it will be dangerous, and when I mean it, you have ten percent of surviving and making out of there with your head intact, two percent making with all but one limb intact, are you sure?" "I am certain," I cleared myself. "Well, I will be coming back sooner or later, if we do meet each other again, it will be between strong you and strong me," he joked a bit, but it wasn't good, as expected from thousand year old human dictionary. 

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