If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


50. Changes to life

After the several murderers, more of a bandit, came to rest(though not dead), I began to realize the situation ahead of us. "Who are you? Let me go!" I resisted. "You have no chance of survival if you step a foot away from me," he replied, "Please be quiet and let me finish this work as soon as possible." It wasn't a pleasant experience to be held by someone with one arm, not to mention Granny Emilia who needed medical attention. "I don't care about me, but, granny, she will die if we don't see doctor fast!" I complained like a child. "Do you think I am just another human that pretends to be a hero and try desperately to get to the happy ending road?" he began to speak, a lot, "The fact that I had to waste my time here while I could spent it more wisely by not meeting you people, if only it wasn't for that business." When we were complaining, I noticed that the atmosphere around us had gotten cold after the bandit's companions began to lock us down in the circle. "This can't be happening..." I had to say it. With my World Iris, I could observe that these people were professionals, most of their levels were at least 100 range, meaning that they were much more dangerous than anyone I have ever faced. When I looked at the mysterious helper(?), I found even more suspicious thing. Even with my World Iris, I couldn't identify his level nor his ability. "I heard that it only works on human or non human between level 5 to 999, does it mean that he's either beyond that or worth than me?" I just noticed it right now. There are many defects with the World Iris, it wasn't a cheat item that would be great enough to recognize all of the weaknesses of my enemies. "-------- -------- ----- ------- -----------," the mysterious person began to say something, but I couldn't understand it. It was more of something that even I couldn't pronounce it correctly. Something that sounds simple, but after hearing upon it, only the chosen people were able to understand it. Something that weaklings like us couldn't understand because it was that of the higher beings... What exactly is he? The nearby area began to glow, our wounds began to heal. The mysterious person began to walk, "I don't currently have a name, but calling me mysterious doesn't sound any better than not having one at all," he read my mind, "I will make up a name for you, Galat, how does it sound?" 

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