If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


19. Adventure to the unknown

"Clone?" I thought, "That explains why dad said he resembled his old friend." "I have a question, how old are you?" Tio, the school council member, asked. "I can't say anything about this matter, but you will eventually find it out," he casually replied. "Now what can we do to survive?" I asked. "I will leave the war to the generals, I am tired of doing of these work, not that I have the perfect condition," Ri started to talk, "Most of us are not humans, and most of the strong beasts are currently extinct, meaning that it is not to bad condition for us to live here." "Live HERE?" Many shouted. Of course, for us who have been living our entire life in the floating city casually going to the nature and live with our instinct out of option type of thing. "We will have to go on a adventure to find certain location where we are almost insured to be safe," Ri said, "It will take about half a year by foot but about a month by flight." "Where is that location?" Zen asked. "You won't know even if I told you saw," Ri replied. There has been obvious change of attitude with Ri, he usually was quiet guy who is good at everything that came up to him, but becoming a leader did change him inside out. Not to mention his difference in appearance, the foreign blue hair of his was apparently a wig, his real hair was white, with bit of green. "Everyone, here comes our first hunt," Ri shouted. "First what?" Everyone began to think. "Right over your back, literally," Ri began watch something unfamiliar over our back. "Don't tell me," I said. My predictions were right, there was beast twice the size of the bear, with appearance of deer but with large physique. "Everyone run!" Rein shouted. "That thing runs twice faster than you," Ri began to talk, "The only option you have is that hunt it, or should I say kill it?" How are we even supposed to kill prey that is twice as fast as us. One of us were knocked out by its tail while I was thinking. "Everyone who can fight, surround that animal!" I shouted. About six of us came to capture it. "Lightning Fist" "Vacuum Blade" "Flame Hell" "Dead End" "Partial-teleportation" Everyone began to attack with magic. "How inefficient," Ri said. The deer easily avoided the attacks and our own attacks hit us. "That thing is not even using its magic, that means that it doesn't consider you as strong foe," Ri said, "The point is to use skills at the right time, that alone can make the damage stronger than than strongest magic available." Immediately, Ri grabbed a large wooden stick and began to carve it. "I will show you what real battle is," he said.

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