If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


52. Absolute Predator - Cheating Ability

Dragon's level since birth is at least a 500, humans are about 5, while the elves and dwarfs have about 50 during infant stage. It is almost impossible for us humans to close the large gap, but there are always an exception to something. 

Galat (Mysterious Stranger)'s point of view

This is boring, just another self boosting kids thinking that they could be great even after their deaths were almost all wiped out and even the mister geniuses were nothing but just another people that I happen to remember their names. I can't find anything interesting nowadays. I looked at the girl, I am pretty sure her name is Rose, and checked her memories. "She had it bit tough I guess," I gave a sigh. There wasn't much interesting things, but the absolute predator and the experiment still had a small bit of attention I could spare for. "Experiment on humans, in order to gain beast's power integrated into humans, are they trying to play creator?" I laughed sarcastically, "Absolute Predator is ability to steal stats and other attribute at will of the user, but it requires special ritual to start the process, and it is related to eating the flash of the thing that they want to steal it from." There is no whey she can agree to do such a inhumane process, so I naturally gave up on that idea. However, when I looked inside of her head, I could clearly see some sign of the determinations inside of her that says that she wouldn't mind losing humanity to become stronger. Just to clarify before I say anything, I used my Exterior Third Eye to view her information. I searched through to find interesting information, but it was sooner than what I expected. "Her race is," I wondered, "!!!". It was one of the most unexpected ones, it doesn't explain why she was not burnt alive to death. The only thing that could stop this specific race from burning like flames is that magic. "Who in this world could use it?" I wondered. "That kid." I figured out that the granny Emilia or whatever used the Shadow to force the sunlight away from her. "Shadow Art User? I am pretty sure that it was considered useless..." I began to connect the dots. I came to my conclusion, and I began to extract blood from the bodies. "Hey you, if you want to be strong, drink this blood, you will be the strongest being around here, as a vampire, not a human," I declared. "Vampire?" she was rather confused.


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