Dear Diary

This is honestly just a diary. If you wanna read about me go ahead, if you think that you might get along with me message me.


1. Day 1

     Okay so I'm not going to add dates, these are used for memories, diary entries, and just a way for me to escape. I mean yea, I'm gonna publish this but still XD


    So back in July, July 14 maybe. I had my phone, I knew I wasn't supposed to have it, but me being me, I decided to get it. I had my phone prior to this for about six months maybe. So he found out because my cat was messing with my headphones. He saw them and knew I had my phone, he asked to see it so I deleted who I was talking to. I got a message and it brought back all of my previous messages. Even though I hadn't done anything wrong he thought I was lying to him about something.

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