Full moon

Historie til konkurrencen: Fantastiske skabninger og hvor de findes. Jeg har valgt den tredje mulighed, altså at skrive en fanfiction i en anden tid end hvad man er vant til.
This story takes place a long time before anyone had even thought about Harry Potter.
The story is written from Sirius Black's point of view, and is about his 7th year at Hogwarts.
(Billedet som er brugt til cover er ikke mit originale. Jeg fandt billedet på pinterest og klippede derefter selv månen ind og skrev titel + forfatternavn på)


6. ---

"Urgh! I can't take this for another second. I need a break" said James and threw his quill across the table, causing the ink to fly everywhere. "Come on guys, we need to do something else, I can't focus on this right now"
We had been studying for three hours, and my brain could explode any minute. "I agree with James, we need a break. Why don't we go down for dinner and then we can always return to the work later" I said. Peter was quick to put his quill and parchment down. Remus however, didn't seem as willing. "We have to get this done, it's due on monday" he said. "Well that's easy for you to say, you've already written ten feet" James said while looking down at his own parchment. He had written about six feet. So had I. The assignment was 12. For some reason it wasn't very easy to write that much about the Draught of Living Death posion. "Well I'm taking a break. Who's joining?" James stood up. Peter and I did too. "Come on Remus, you don't wanna sit here alone do you?" James asked "I don't know guys, we have so much homework" he answered as he looked down the homework schedule he had made for us. "Well you can't write without your quill" I said, and snatched his quill from the table. He tried to get it, but gave up. "Okay okay I'll go" said Remus laughing "now give me my quill Padfoot"

We put our stuff in the dormitory and went back down in the common room. We climbed out of the portrait hole, but in the same time, someone was trying to get inside. I smashed together with Lily Evans. "Oh I'm so sorry!" she said "It's fine" I said and looked around. Peter and Remus had walked right into some other girls and James' hand was already in his hair. "uh, Evans hi" he said "uh I was wondering if uh, maybe I could just have a quick word with you?" his voice was weird, he sounded nervous. "yeah, of course" said Lily even though she looked a bit confused. They walked a little further down the hall. I was surprised. I knew that he had been into her for years, but he had never worked up the courage to actually do anything about it a pat from annoying her. I wanted to hear what they were talking about, but I didn't move closer to them. If James catched me he would probably get mad. 
The conversation didn't last long, and when they came back, Lily just walked into the common room with her friends and James didn't say anything. He just started walking again. We were silent for a while, but then I had to ask. "So?" James didn't stop walking. "so what?" he just said "what do you mean what? What happened what did you say?" I asked "Oh, I'm just taking her to Hogsmeade next weekend" he said and tried to make it sound casual. I shared a surprise look with Remus and Peter. "What, you just asked her and she said yes?" "yeah" said James. It didn't seeme like he was going to tell us more, but all the way down to the great hall he had a little smile on his face. 

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