Truth behind closed doors

find out how Alec and Magnus came to terms with their real feelings. will everyone agree or will they be pushed away


3. The Voice of Reason is Wise

After everyone decided that we would ditch the soup made by Izzy; after I found out Izzy lied to me about her not cooking the meal from everybody else in the institute, Izzy talked me into going to Battery Park with her, so we could have some more privacy. We arrived there, and she was about to sit when I started down a hidden path.

    “Or we can walk,” Izzy huffed while recollecting herself and following after me. We continued in silence for what felt like five minutes. Actually, maybe it was five minutes. As we walked, I kept my hands in my pocket until I heard Izzy kick a rock. The silence became too much, and I rounded on her causing her to run into my chest.

    “Isabelle, is there a reason you have dragged me out here?” I asked in a irritated voice.

“Yes, Alec. There is a reason. I want you to stop being so oblivious to Magnus’s feelings for you. I know you feel something for him, Alec. I know you do.”


“No, Alec. Don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about. And don’t give me any excuses.”

“I wasn’t going to-” Izzy interrupted me again but more rudely this time.

“Alec...” She groaned before she continued, “I know that you know that you like Magnus. Somewhere deep down inside of you, past all of that pig headed stubbornness. You know you can’t resist that charm he can’t help but use on you. He likes you, Alec. He really does. How many times do I have to tell you this before you understand and accept it?”

“Isabelle...I don’t want to accept it.”

“Why ever not?”

“What about mom and dad?”

“Who cares about them?”

“I am the eldest. I have a duty to serve and that does not involve me being the way I am!”

“Alec...” Izzy was speechless.

“Izzy, there is nothing you can do. I will not accept him or these feelings.”

“Alec, I need to try to help you two be together.”

“How? Isabelle, it’s just not possible. It’s that simple.”

“No, Alec. It’s not that simple. I can distract mom and dad, so they won’t see what would be happening with you and Magnus.”

“Iz...” I trailed off with no thought within my grasp. I didn’t know what to say to her. My feelings are an unthinkable crime to the Clave. There is no happy ending for this situation.


“How are you going to do that?” I said a bit more harshly than I had meant to.

“I don’t know yet, but I promise I will figure something out.”

“Izzy, I don’t think-”

“Alec, just trust me for once.”

“I will always trust you, and I always have. You're my baby sister.” Izzy blushed at my comment.

“Alec, I’m not a baby anymore.”

“I know, but I can still call you one.” I laughed harder than I have in a long time. Isabelle had that effect on me. “I love you, you know that, right?”

“I do know that, big brother. I love you too.” A few moments passed before I spoke again.

“Hey, Izzy?”

“Yeah, Alec.” I sighed out of nervousness for what I was about to say.

“I...I think I like Magnus. Izzy...I think I really like him.” Izzy freaked out at this.

“OMG! Of course you like him, you idiot. I knew you did! I just wanted to get you to admit it! Alec! I’m so happy for you!” I looked down at the ground during her freak out moment. “Wait...are you ashamed?”

“How can I not be, Izzy? I’m a Shadowhunter. We have honor and loyalty...and everything in between. Izzy, I’m such a coward. I can’t even face my own feelings for a warlock. Shadowhunters are not cowards, but yet, here I am.”

“Alec, you are not a coward. You are a Shadowhunter that’s also in love. Yes, not with another Shadowhunter, or female. is perfect all the same.”

“Iz, you don’t understand-”

“No, Alec, you don’t understand. You can’t take away your own happiness because of honor. I know you want to but will it make you happy?”

“Probably not, but I-”

“No, Alec. It will not make you happy. I see the way Magnus looks at you, and I have witnessed the way you act around him. It’s obvious you two feel something for each other. Alec, I only want you to be happy. I think you have to tell mom and dad.”

“Izzy, you know that is not an option.” I was pacing back and forth in front of Izzy while simultaneously running my right hand through my hair repeatedly. I knew she was right, but I just could not do it.

“Why is it not? You know they will find out eventually.”

“Ugh...I hate that you’re right, Izzy.”

“I know, and I’m always right.”

“Yes, Izzy. Yes you are,” I replied sarcastically.

“We should probably head back to the institute,” Izzy stated after she slapped me on the arm for my sarcasm. “Everybody is probably starting to wonder what’s taking us so long. We told them we were going out to grab dinner.”

“Ugh...I forgot about dinner.”

“Only because you were distracted by Magnus.”

“Izzy, now is not the time to be-”

“Was it the charm he uses on you that distracted you? Or maybe it was the way he sparkles? Or...maybe it was that hard-”

“Izzy! That’s enough! I don’t want to talk about his “hard” anything!” Iz giggled mischievously, but she feigned innocence as she turned away from me to start walking back to the main part of the park. “Izzy! Wait for me!” I yelled after her before sprinting to catch up to her. Once we were side by side with matching strides, she spoke to me again.

“Alec, you know I would do anything for you, right?”

“Of course I do, Izzy. And I for you.” There was a moment of silence before either of us spoke again. I was the first to say something.


“Yeah, Alec?”

“You’re wiser than I give you credit for.”

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