Truth behind closed doors

find out how Alec and Magnus came to terms with their real feelings. will everyone agree or will they be pushed away


1. Alec's needed (alec's pov)

Walking across the rooftop, I saw the man I was tracking shift into a woman. Really? What next? A chair? A fucking human chair. I walked to the side and texted Jace. I waited fifteen minutes before I saw Jace and Iz run towards me. 
    “Did you find the demon?” They asked me in unison.
    “Yeah, I tracked it and followed it all the way up here. I tried to figure out what it was planning to do, but it shifted into a human female and that’s when I called you. What took you two so long to get here?”
    “We’ll tell you on the way back to the institute, Alec,” Isabelle told me.”
    “Wait, where’s the demon now?” Jace asked me, remembering the reason why I texted him. 
    “ see..” Jace cut me off by asking a different question.
    “Alec, what the hell happened?”
    “Um...the demondisappearedinamistofbluesmoke.” Neither Izzy nor jace could understand what I just said. I said it way too quickly, so it ended up sounding like a jumble of muffled words. In unison, once again, they asked me,
    “What?” I sighed and replied sheepishly,
    “It disappeared in a mist of blue smoke.”
    “Oh,” was all Izzy and Jace said.
    “Would you two stop speaking in unison? It’s starting to freak me out.”
    “Sorry,” Izzy replied.
    “Not sorry,” Jace stated at the same as Izzy. I was going to give Jace a pointed look, but my phone began to ring. We were all thrown off guard when we began to hear “Barbie Girl” start to play. I rushed to grab my phone from my black leather jeans before I could face any more embarrassment. I answered it as soon as my hand touched the device.
    “Alec?” It was Magnus on the other end.
    “I’m glad I got a hold of you. I need you to come to the institute now.”
    “Alec, Jace and Isabelle will have to tell you that. I just need all of you back here.”
    “I mean it, Alexander. Leave now!”
    “Okay...okay. We will be there as soon as possible. Goodbye.” I hung up the call and put my phone back in my pocket. Once I was finished, I turned back to my siblings and filled them in.
    “He needs us there, now? Jace inquired.
    “That’s what he said, more like demanded. What happened anyways?”
    “There was an accident with Luke. We’ll tell you more at the institute,” Jace said. We all raced back down the stairs and to the entrance of the building. We ran all the way to the institute. Not that any of us would ever admit it, but we all wondered what was so urgent that Magnus needed us. We were in disbelief that the High Warlock of Brooklyn needed us. We reached the Institute in record time and raced to the old elevator, so we could quickly find Magnus treating Luke in the infirmary. I beat both my parabatai and younger sister to the room where Luke and Magnus were. The sight in front of me kicked in my Shadowhunter reflexes I was born to with. I saw Clary and Jocelyn watch the scene in horror, I cursed at Clary’s lack of those reflexes. This problem could have been solved by now if it weren’t for her lack of a Shadowhunter upbringing. I sighed and then leaped into action. 
    I raced over to catch Magnus from collapsing onto the ground. I caught him and slowly kneeled to place him onto the ground. He was lighter than I expected him to be.
    “I’m here, Magnus.” I could feel the stares from the other people in the room. “By the angel, what the hell happened?” Magnus tried to sit up to talk to me, but he only made it halfway before he collapsed back to the ground with a grunt. After a short pause, he groaned in agony.
    “ drained...” Magnus could barely get out all the words. He was so breathless, I’m surprised he hasn’t passed out yet. Clary invaded our conversation to tell me what happened with Luke.
    “He was fighting off a horde of demons that attacked the pack at the restaurant. One of the demons clawed at his chest. It’s talons were infused with poison. Magnus had almost all the poison extracted from Luke’s bloodstream, but his energy became vacant before he could finish.” After she completed her telling of the events that had taken place, Magnus interjected.
    “That’s why I need you.” I still didn’t understand what this had to do with me .
    “Why me? Why not Jace or Isabelle? Hell, why not even Clary?”
    “Alexander, I need virgin Shadowhunter energy.”
    “Oh...” I didn’t know what to say. If he needs me though, I’ll help him.
    “Alexander, I need to take energy from you,” his words came out raspy. He’s going to faint soon if I don’t work fast. I glance over at Luke. I don’t think he’ll be able to hold on much longer without Magnus completing the extraction. Clary and Jocelyn seemed to be preparing for the worst. I knew from Magnus that he would only give out the best.

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