Truth behind closed doors

find out how Alec and Magnus came to terms with their real feelings. will everyone agree or will they be pushed away


5. A malec christmas... (sorry it's late)

I was just putting the last splash of glitter on Alec’s Christmas gift when I heard the door to my loft open. I smiled once I saw who it was. 
“Alec, stop right there!” Alec gave me a questioning look but stayed where he was.
“Can I ask why?”
“Alexander, I just finished wrapping your present. If you come in here, then you’ll guess what it is. I can’t have you knowing what it is.”
“You got glitter all over our bedroom again, didn’t you?” Alec yelled exasperatedly from the other room. I let a few seconds pass before I answered.
“No, Alexander. Did you really expect me not to use glitter?” I heard him pause and take a deep breath before he responded. 
“No...I expected you to use glitter. I was just hoping you’d refrain from turning our room into a glittery disaster. Again.” 
“Alexander, you should know me well enough by now.” Alec just sighed in response, and I heard him set the coat he was holding down on the table by the loft entrance. I quickly hid his presents and went into the living room to greet him. I embraced him in a hug and kissed his cheek. Once I pulled away, he looked at me lustfully. Not many people would guess it, but Alec surprisingly had a beast in him, and I loved it when he unleashed it. He pulled my head back to him suddenly and had us kissing again before anybody could even say my name. Alec groaned in pure lust. Hmm...maybe he’s out for a kill today. I hope I get to be on the receiving end of it today. I moved my hands down from his neck to squeeze his ass. Alec has a really nice ass. Once I received the reaction I wanted from him, I moved  my hands up to feel his chest and his hard, clean cut abdomen. I glided my hands all over his delectable abdomen. Damn, I could just eat him up right now. 

    A few hours later we were both satisfied and wanted to do our gift exchange. I gave him my present, which he loved. I knew he would.  I have amazing taste. Anyways, we still had to go to the institute for our personal gift exchange with Alec’s family. After we do that, it’s time for the spectacular Christmas party. Glitter. I love Alec, but his parents are still really judgmental, and I don’t appreciate it. Isabelle though, I can see how much they care for eachother. She really has been a savior in trying to get their parents to understand Alec and I’s relationship. I’m so glad that Alec finally came to terms about his feelings for me. I love him with all I have after I've spent years telling myself I would never do such a thing again. Alexander Gideon Lightwood has opened up my heart again. I was finally jolted out of my thoughts when I felt Alec tapping my shoulder. 
“What, Alexander?” He pointed towards the institute.
“We're here.” Alec wanted to walk instead of portal. He's only worried that I'll use too much energy. I love how protective he is, but he doesn't listen to me when I tell him to be careful. I don't like him always out hunting demons, but he says it's his job. I must have sighed because Alec asked me if I was okay. Of course, he's even worrying when there's nothing to worry about.
“I was just thinking, Alexander.”
“About what, Magnus?”
“About us actually.”
“Is this when you tell me it's not working out and we part ways? If you're going to do it, why does it have to be now?”
“One, it's more complicated than that. And two, no that's not what I'm doing. You worry too much.”
“It's only because I care about you, Magnus.”
“And I you, Alexander.”

We were all gathered around the magnificent and glittery tree in the institute living room. We had all exchanged gifts with each other.  Except, I still had that gift for Alec at home. I hope he likes it. I watched the functioning of the Lightwood family in awe. It was touching how close the trio of Alec, Isabelle, and Jace were. I also watched Alec in awe. He wore his heart on his sleeve, he really did. He had such a warm and open heart, and I'm glad I reserve a spot in it. Knowing I do makes me so very happy. 

Back at the loft, I walked into the bedroom and got Alec's gift out while he was out in the living room. 
“Magnus!” Alec called my name from the other room. I wonder what he needs.
“Will you come in here?” Since I had his gift in hand, I just walked out into the living room,but I stopped in the doorway because Alec was blocking me. “Magnus, look up.” And that's exactly what I did. In his hand, above our heads, was a mistletoe. Before I had a chance to react, his lips were claiming mine. After a few seconds, we broke away. I took the break as an opportunity to give him his gift. He untied the big how wrapped around the box and then unwrapped the actual box. He slowly lifted the lid off and gasped at what it was. His face lit up in pure joy as he gazed down at the scrapbook in his hands. It held all of the beautiful moments we have shared as a couple so far. He set the gift down on the floor next to us and looked back up at me and into my eyes. His hand lifted up to graze my cheek, and I leaned forward to taste his lips once more. Before it got too heated, Alec broke away. “I love you deeply,  Magnus. I love you so much it scares me. The love I have for you consumes my whole being.”
“I love you too, Alexander.

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