Letters from Clemintine/ NOW UPDATING

Clemintine is a girl who lives in the 1940's. She writes a letter to her best friend who moved to Germany 2 months ago. She and her best friend used to live together in England. Then when Hitler takes over Germany, She is forced to move to America. She writes to her friend through it all making sure that she knows whats happening. Then her friend writes back.


7. 9/8/45

Dear Lisel,

How are you fairing? I feel so totally angry with myself for not writing to you. Are you okay? I haven't recieved any of your letters. If you do get mine, I would love for you to know that recently my brothers found a little rat outside our house. So now we have a pet. Just what I always wanted right? I miss you very much, Lisel. Please write to me and tell me your okay? I won't be able to write you much sooner. Mother has acquired a ship to take us to the Americas in the evening of the morrow. I will be keeping up my diary on my end so that when we meet we will see each other and you can see what has happened. I love you Lisel. I miss you and I will see you when I can. 



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