Letters from Clemintine/ NOW UPDATING

Clemintine is a girl who lives in the 1940's. She writes a letter to her best friend who moved to Germany 2 months ago. She and her best friend used to live together in England. Then when Hitler takes over Germany, She is forced to move to America. She writes to her friend through it all making sure that she knows whats happening. Then her friend writes back.


2. 8/31/45

Dear Lisel,

It's been about a week since I last wrote to you. I don't know if you are getting my letters so I decided to write you again. Today was a very scary day. Mother got a letter from Father saying he was staying there for good. Mother started to cry because we don't have enough money to go with Father to America. I don't know what to do Lisel. Maybe I can join you? Maybe I can go with you and meet you in Germany? I don't know what to do... Listen Lisel, I love you almost like a sister and can't bare to be away from you. Please let me come and see you soon? I won't bring my brothers I promise! See you soon!



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