Written Words


5. Dear Diary, Two Weeks Passed After the First day of School

Hola amigo. Lol yes, I did just speak a different language. I guess you could say I'm practing for my first Spanish test coming up in two days on Friday. But enough about that, guess what's tomorrow at the school soccer field at 4:00... Ok I literally just gave it away. But it's soccer try outs, of course. I'm kinda nervous considering Matt will be there trying out for the boy's team. We'll be like right there, on the same soccer field. Crazy, right? Like what if I "accidentally" kick him in the head with the soccer ball. Now that would get his attention... I just realized how terrible that sounds. So yea, I'm not gonna do that. But (lol) I'll do something. If I ever man up and actually say something to him. What if things go wrong in our conversation? If I mess up and say something really dumb like always? This has to be perfect, since I have been in love with him for two years now. Tomorrow, when we're both really sweaty, is the moment I've been waiting for. But I'm still clueless as to what to say. Ugh. I'm so frustrated right now. Let's just change subjects... Oh yea, I almost forgot to tell you. About two weeks ago, remember a few diaries back when I told you that Perry liked Ashley? Well today, he finally asked her out. I'm not sure what she said tho. I haven't had to chance to ask her, but I can't wait to find out what she said. I'll keep you updated. Adios :)


-Savannah Evans <3

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