Written Words


1. Dear Diary, First day of School

Today is the first day back to school, from summer break. Usually, you'd think no one is excited about going back to school, but I am. Which that probably explains why no one ever notices me. Well, except for my five bestfriends. Jalyn, Katherine, Nova, Ashley, and Perry... and of course, I make six of us... Savannah. Savannah Evans. A name no one knows. Sometimes, when the teachers call role... she even thinks I'm a transfer student. Even though I have gone to McKinly High for three years now. Yes, I am an eleventh grader today. Maybe that's why I'm excited to go back to school. Because I'm eager to see my friends again? No. I had just went to the mall with them the previous Sunday. Or maybe.... Oh yea. That's it. My crush. He doesn't even notice me. Like, I could care less that my principle calls me by my older sister's name. I guess we look exactly alike. I don't know. But she graduated last year... maybe he thinks we're the same person. Oh well. Why bother now, if I have been called "Lilly" my whole life. Which, it isn't even close to my name. I don't get it. I've never been able to be my own person. I never get the chance to express myself in a way that describes me. Shy, creative, unique, but yet very athletic, competitve, and active. But anyways, back to my crush... his name is Matt. He has beautiful, brown-ish auburn hair. He also has a bit of a chub on him, along with a pretty thick beard in my opinion. At first, I wasn't too excited about. Kinda made me disappointed when he first tried growing it out back when I was tenth grade and he was eleventh. Oh that's right, I forgot to tell you... he's in twelfth grade now, is that why I think I have absolutely no chance with him? I mean he's probably too busy keeping his grades up to actually graduate anways. I mean it's not like he's all that popular, and neither am I so... I tend to have my hope sometimes c: But it's not like he's a nerd or anything, well actually no. I guess he is popular. He's just different. Yea know? He has common sense and he's SO much more respectful than all these other guys at our school. Well, besides Jalyn and Perry. They're cool. Like I remember that time when we were--- Oops. Sorry, I have to go to school now. Wish me luck ^-^

-Savannah Evans <3

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