Eleanore's freedom

Eleanore is an eighteen year old girl who lives in Eegh Hollow. A civilization deep underground, build during the fourth world war. But she's tired of living there. She wants to be free and do the things her mother always dreamed of doing. But there are secrets that could change her life, dangers she's never faced before and a boy who is the most self-centered person she's ever known. Will Eleanore be able to fulfill her dreams? Will she conquer her fears? And will she be able to ignore her heart?


3. The plan

"So, do you understand everything?" Ethan asked me. I nodded. He was Christina's boyfriend and probably one of the friendliest guys I knew. He offered to stay here with me to go over the entire plan while the others made preparations. "Are you absolutely sure you want to do this?" I lifted my head and looked him directly in the eyes. "Yes." I said with confidence. "Then we'll see you tonight." He smiled and left the room.

Peter who was standing against the wall came closer, his deep blue eyes staring intensely into mine. "You better not screw this up for us, Eleanor." He left the room as soon as the words left his mouth. That guy really got under my skin, sometimes I just wanted to strangle him.

"Are you coming?" He asked, eyebrows lifted, as if I should have known to follow him. "Why?"

"Because I want to keep an eye on you. I want to make sure you don't ruin this for us." My mouth fell open, how dare he? How dare he assume that I needed somebody to watch me? It was already bad enough he told me to not screw it up, but to follow me? "Excuse me?" I didn't even try to hide the irritation in my voice. "You heard me."

"Yes, I did and I do not need a babysitter. Especially someone who doesn't know the first thing about me." I crossed my arms and started walking towards my home. "What if you accidentally tell your father something about our plan?" I stopped very abruptly. Peter bumped into me. I slowly turned around.

His face was ten centimeters from mine. His smile widened. "I won't, besides if my father sees you with me he will definitely start to ask questions." He took a step forward, so he was even closer. I held my breath. "You know as well as I do your father is already at work by now." His warm breath on my neck gave me chills. "Then why come with me?"

"Because you can still go to him and tell him." He took a step back and I remembered how to breathe again. "You don't know me Peter, you don't know me at all." He smiled. "Then enlighten me." His voice was soft, warm, he meant it. He really wanted to know what would stop me from telling my dad that we had plans to escape. Still, I rolled my eyes and started to walk again. Even though he didn't say anything, Peter was still right behind me.

Our house was a mess. My dad had left all of his papers on the table and parts of it were on the floor. "Every time." I sighted. I quickly started to pick up the papers. Peter just stood against the wall watching me tidy up. When I finished, he was still staring at me. I realized that he wouldn't go away until he was certain I wouldn't tell my father. Actually I understood his concerns. I wanted to get out of here so bad that I wouldn't know what to do if we got caught. "My mom." I whispered. I sat down at the table. "I won't tell because of my mom."

"Your mother? Why-" He didn't finish that question but I knew what he meant. He sat down beside me and for once he didn't look selfish or arrogant. "She always dreamed of getting out of here." I looked at his black hair, which was always messy and- I don't like to admit this-sexy. Peter was extremely hot, but that was totally ruined by his personality. "She always told me these stories, like she'd been out there." I closed my eyes for a moment, recalling my mother's image.

She was a gorgeous woman. She was tall with the face of an angel. Her honey blond hair was always in a loose ponytail. Her big brown eyes always sparkled. I loved her so much and it still hurt she wasn't here anymore. "So ever since I was little I wanted to escape from here. I wanted to know if her stories were true, if the world was really as wonderful as she described it." I completed my explanation.

When I looked up he was gone. So, I decided to pack my things. I put some extra clothes, a brush, a toothbrush and an extra pair of sneakers in my backpack. Finally, I decided to put mom's book in as well. It was a book containing all of the stories my mom ever told me. I re-read it almost every week. The cover was leather and old. It smelled old. The book was almost to big for my backpack but I made it fit. There was no way I was going to leave it behind. 

I was nervous about leaving. Would my dad be okay? Would we be okay? Would we even succeed in escaping? I thought about those things for hours and hours, but eventually my dad came home from work. As quickly as I could I shoved my backpack underneath my bed and left my bedroom. "Hey dad, how was work?"

"Boring as usual." He joked. His eyes were filled with exhaustion. "You're tired." I concluded. "No, I'm not." He claimed. "Dad, it's okay. Go to bed." He smiled and went to bed. Instead of only cooking for myself tonight, I packed all the bread and jam we had, for the journey I was about to go on. I decided to write a short letter to my dad before I left. I just wanted him to know that I would be okay. So I took my pen and wrote:


Dear dad, 

I am writing this letter because I want you to know that I will be okay. I have never been happy here. I am not made for being locked up. I need to be free, to be able to do want I want to do. I want to be happy. Mom always used to tell me these stories of the free and the brave. I want to be like them dad, I want to be brave, I want to be free. It was once mom's dream to go out there and now it is mine.

This has nothing to do with you. I will always love you because you are my dad and you will always be. I will miss you so much but I need to do this for me. For mom. I hope that one day I can come back and visit you without being stuck here again. I am not hoping you will understand my decision, I just hope you respect my choice.

Please don't be mad.

Your daughter, 



I gathered all of my things and left for the gates. Right before I turned around the corner I looked back one last time. 

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