Eleanore's freedom

Eleanore is an eighteen year old girl who lives in Eegh Hollow. A civilization deep underground, build during the fourth world war. But she's tired of living there. She wants to be free and do the things her mother always dreamed of doing. But there are secrets that could change her life, dangers she's never faced before and a boy who is the most self-centered person she's ever known. Will Eleanore be able to fulfill her dreams? Will she conquer her fears? And will she be able to ignore her heart?


2. Betrayed

I woke up with a nauseous feeling in my stomach. I changed my clothes, brushed my hair and teeth but the feeling didn't disappear. Normally I would go to the training ground for my usual morning practice but the nauseous feeling told me that I should spent some time with my best friend before we completely grew apart.

"Good morning." I said when I entered the kitchen. My dad barely looked up from his papers. "Good morning." he said briefly. "I'm going to Miles." I grabbed an apple out of the bowl. 'Hmm.' He hummed. This time he didn't even look up from the files he was analyzing.

My dad was the vice president, which ment he was almost always working. I've never complained about it because my dad and I aren't exactly best buddies. My mom was the one I would go to when I was upset, my dad was never good with feelings.

It wasn't a long walk to Miles' home, just two and a half minutes. When I was a little kid I used to count the seconds to his house because I couldn't wait to see him. "Hello." I said through the curtain separating their home from the hallway. 'Misses Montgomery?' I asked again when no one answered. 'Ellie sweetheart, come on in. You know you can just come inside anytime you like." She pushed me inside their compartment.

Their home was always warm and cozy, much like ours was when my mom was still alive. I tried to keep our house clean but I still had classes and it just never felt like it did when she was still here. It missed that typical smell, lemon mixed witch a little bit of cinnamon. On top of that it just felt empty without her. 

Misses Montgomery was busy baking bread. She was always baking even though she wasn't one of our bakers. Her house would always smell like a bakery. "Misses Montgomery is Miles here?" I asked.  She turned around and faced me. "Ellie, how many times do I have to tell you that you can call me Maria?" I smiled; she was my mother's best friend. She was like a second mother to me, but I always had the reflex to call her misses. "Is he here?" I asked again. "Oh, no sweetie he's at school. He said he needed to finish a project." I frowned. Miles and I always worked together on school projects, so why was he at school? Was he doing a project without me? The sickening feeling in my stomach told me that wasn't the case, this was something greater. 

"Do you want a cookie?" Miss- Maria offered me a plate filled with chocolate chips cookies. I grabbed one. To Maria it wasn't very polite if you refused one of her bakings even though you felt sick. "Thanks." I turned around and started walking towards the school.

But when I reached the main square I started to run. It wasn't far from the school but I couldn't waste another minute.  I bumped in to two people on my way to the school but I didn't stop; I needed to know what Miles was doing. I decided to check our classroom first, if Miles and I did a project we would work on it there. 

Hushed voices came from the room. "Tomorrow morning we leave."

"Tomorrow already?" Christina's voice said. What were they talking about? Carefully I went a little closer. "What about Ellie?" I heard Chloe say. "I already told you, she isn't coming with us." Miles was hard and stubborn. My heart stopped for a few seconds. "I can't believe she refused your offer Miles." Chloe knew me almost as well as Miles did and she always had my back. "Ellie is the one who's been dreaming about getting out of here." I heard some voices agree but others agreed with Miles.

"Let's just finish up the plan." another voice said. "Tonight, one o'clock, Sarah and I break in to the garage and we take the jeeps. Miles you will distracted your father, the others will meet us at the main gates." For a minute everyone in the room was silent. "Are we really doing this?" Christina said. "Yes." Miles answered.

I heard enough. They were planning something behind my back and I wanted to know what. "What exactly are you doing?' I pushed the curtain aside. 'Ellie?" Miles said. He sounded surprised. I looked around. Everyone of our class was here, besides me. I couldn't believe that he would hide something from me while sharing it with the entire class. "We're going over the plan to escape." Christina answered. "A plan to what?' I said shocked by the fact that they were really planning to leave this place behind and didn't tell me, the one person who has been dreaming of leaving every single day. "To escape, we thought you knew. Miles said you didn't want to play a part in it." Chloe look at me with guilt. "Did he now?" I gave Miles my most angry look. "You didn't tell her, did you?" Sarah asked Miles. Her blond hair was in a high ponytail, it made her look younger than she really was. "No, he didn't." Tears were hiding behind my eyes. How could he do that to me? He was my best friend, the one person I could always count on. And he betrayed me. "El-" He tried. I stopped him. "I don't want to hear it Miles. How could you do this to me?" He didn't say anything. Inside I was burning with an anger I've never felt before. 

"Whatever your doing." I told the others. "I want in." 





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