Eleanore's freedom

Eleanore is an eighteen year old girl who lives in Eegh Hollow. A civilization deep underground, build during the fourth world war. But she's tired of living there. She wants to be free and do the things her mother always dreamed of doing. But there are secrets that could change her life, dangers she's never faced before and a boy who is the most self-centered person she's ever known. Will Eleanore be able to fulfill her dreams? Will she conquer her fears? And will she be able to ignore her heart?


1. A way out

It was a cloudless sky. The night was black as coal, bright stars staring down upon me, protecting me. In the distance I could hear the sound of a wolf, but it was at least five miles away and I was just outside the caves so I didn't worry.

"Hey mom." I whispered.

Of course she didn't answer me, my mom died two years ago of illness. But I liked coming here, talking to the stars as if I was talking to her. I didn't want to admit it but sometimes I really needed her. I'm a very independent girl but every girl how independent, stubborn or old she might be, needs her mom every now and than. Even if it were just for the comforting bubble a mother creates for her child.

"I miss you. I got in a huge fight with dad again." I sighted. A single tear fought his way true my eyes and fell on the ground.  "He just- He doesn't understand me like you do. He still sees me as this little girl who needs protection but I don't. I can take care of myself."  I stared at the brightest star for a moment, I always imagined she was the brightest star of all.

Because when she was alive everyone lit up around her, just by walking in the room she could enlighten everybody's mood. She was the person I looked up to the most. She was so kind and forgiving, I always wished I could be more like her.  

After a few minutes I decided to go back inside before anyone noticed me missing. I slipped back into the niche in the rock. It was such a small opening I barely fitted. I discovered it when I was ten years old and had plenty of room to fit. It was very well hidden behind the leaves of a willow. Nobody else knew the niche even existed. Or so, I hoped.

When I reached the main passageway, I started hearing footsteps, other than mines. I tried to walk like I didn't just commit a crime. The closer the footsteps became the more I started to panic. Who could be up this late? The footsteps were now extremely close. I could hear their echo becoming louder and louder with each step the other person took. 

My breath was shallow, my knees were shaking.

I'm not fearful but if I know a way out of here why wouldn't anyone or anything know it's way in? The outside world frightened me but it also made me curious. What was out there? My imagination started to run wild. Maybe there were other people whose existence we didn't know about. Maybe there were armies of man hired to kill everyone on their path. 

I reached for my knife in my boot and pressed it tightly in my right hand. The footsteps came closer and closer until they stopped right behind me. I felt another person breathing deeply behind me. It became harder and harder for me to breathe. In the blink of an eye I turned around and put my knife on his throat. 

'Well, hello to you too El.' A soothing deep voice said calmly. 'Jesus Christ, Miles you scared me half to death!' I quickly took my knife of his throat and put it back in my boot. 'You were scared?' He said sarcastically. 'You put your knife on my throat!' He yelled whispering so nobody would wake up. 'You could have said something.' I proposed. Miles chuckled. 'Next Time I will.' His attitude softened.

The dark circles underneath his eyes were a dark blue, leaning against black. His chocolate curls were messy, as if he hadn't slept in a while. His eyes were filled with worry, I could see it immediately. 'What's wrong?' I asked anxiously. 'Nothing.' He replied. 'What were you doing?' He said pointing in the direction I came from. 'Nothing.' I said promptly. Too promptly.

He looked at me as if I were a little kid who did something it shouldn't have done. Well, it wasn't far from the truth but I wasn't a little kid. I was extremely able to take care of myself. It was in fact non of his business were I went and what I did and besides I didn't want him to know I snuck out of the caves. He wouldn't understand why I was doing it.

'What are you doing here?' I asked him, quickly changing the subject to him. 'Nothing.' He managed to make it sound casually but I knew him. He was lying to me, just like I was lying to him. 'Great, well I'm going to bed.' I turned around before he could ask me anything else. 'sweet dreams.' I heard right before I disappeared behind another wall made of rock. 

What was happening with us? We used to tell each other everything, except for the fact that I had the habit of sneaking out, but that was beside the point because if he knew he would have to tell his dad and his dad would have to ban me. But we never had a conversation like we just did, both lying to one another.

When I arrived at my place I crawled into my bed, suddenly exhausted. But despite the fact I was so tired, I couldn't take my mind of the fact that Miles and I were growing apart. I was noticing it for a few weeks now. He was pulling away from me. Hiding things for me. Important things. And I was determined to find out what exactly they were. 

















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