Wishful Thinking

I made a wish...
A wish that had changed my life for the greater good.
But sometimes that wish made me sacrifice many things.


1. The New chapter

It was another one of those days, Long and exhausting. School was irritating but at least I can say it's the weekend. Booyah!!. All I can say I'm keen for a good sleep in. But first off I had to work tonight. Argh!! hopefully I can go out and have some fun even for just a little bit. I just want to have a little bit of fun for one night on the weekend. Like I'm young so I want to live a little. But I don't even know what to do. Sometimes I just wish someone hands could snatch me away and say i'm a princess to be. But like that's going to happen because that isn't reality, and I have to live to survive. 

Work was slow which made a painful 5 hour shift slow like no tomorrow I felt like I was never going to get out. But I finished at the perfect time for a good night out!. I had back up dress and make-up in locker at work. So once I was finished I was set. Short black dress covered all the right curves, and the best cleavage. And the best heels in the god damn world. High, black and simple, but simple and sexy at the same my kind of favourite. 

The night was cold but good to dance to. The music was pumping every place I walked into the music vibrated within my body. It was good and it was defiantly what I wanted and needed. I need to forget the person I am. just to be somebody else. Wild and reckless, something I wasn't but also something I need to feel alive and not this boring dead person. It was time to live the high life. 

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