Purpose [ J.M ]

Everybody's got a Purpose in their lives, they dream of it they accomplish it. But what happens when your purpose is taken away from you ? and your given another one. Would you do the one your given ? or gain back the one you dreamed of ?


1. Chapter One

Your life has Purpose, Your story is Important. Your Dreams count, Your voice Matters. You were born to make an impact.

I shivered as the wind grew stronger quickly putting on my purple beanie and wrapping my brown coat closer to me, I walked down the street and held the shopping bag tight heading home. You see my mom got her cravings again, yes she's pregnant again and is expecting Twins! I can't wait to spoil them both rotten of course if their born twin boys it will be chaos But I'll love them either way their gonna be my little brothers after all.

That’s why I'm getting the stuff cause nobody is here to do it, my father died when I was only seven years old my mom struggled to keep a roof on top of us we still have some problems but were getting by. I miss my father a lot he's missing out on a lot but I know he's watching us from above happy for us, I was about to turn around the corner when I was dragged into the alley by my hood and got pinned against the wall.

“ Please let me go! ”

I screamed that's when the person shouted at me and put his hand over my mouth stopping me from speaking further more, I cried being trapped by this person and cannot escape cause he might pull out a knife or a gun at me. I know exactly what happens in situations like these... the girl either gets mugged or raped or worse Kidnapped or Murdered! He's taking his time meaning he's going to do this slow.

“ I want you to do something for me,”

I looked at him in confused and scared, Me do something for him? Why should I ? who is he to give me commends ? What if this is kinda like a booby trap? Then I can say hello to prison and he can be free.

“ I want you to capture somebody and bring them back to me Alive,”

Capture, Kidnap ? Hell No to the O! He's insane like I'm really going to do that! I'm too young for prison Hello I'm only 16. I haven't even lived my half of life yet, I was about to refuse but I asked something else instead.

“ What if I don't do it? ”

He smirked as his face got closer to me, I could see his blue eyes stared coldly into my brown ones.

“ You could say goodbye to your brothers opening their eyes for the first time ever,”

The twins NO NO NO their innocent, they haven't even begun their lives yet and they still have so much to learn so much to see and do, they hardly taken their first step into this world and this guy will already make them dead...NO I cannot let that happen. I already lost an family member I cannot lose another, I'm their big sister it's my job to protect them at all cost. Looking directly at him I asked in confidence.

“ Who I got to kidnap ? ”

He grabbed my other hand I cringed at his touch it was rough too rough like a carpet hasn't been brushed for years, then he slipped an piece of paper into my hand backing away.

“ The answer is in there do the task and no damage will be done, ”

He walked whistling like he had done nothing at all, I stared at his back go but quickly I rushed back home away from that creep, when I got home I heard my mom call out to me.

“ Jasmine dear is that you? ”

My mom came out of the kitchen wearing her red apron which had cherries designed in the middle covering her round stomach. Nodding wiping my face I noticed I was panting and sweating wiping my face again I took a deep breath and calmed myself down.

“ Yes mom I got you're stuff, I'm tired and no Hungry so I'm going straight to bed okay,”

My mom took the bag and gave me a confused and worried look but I walked away upstairs to my room before she could ask me more questions, laying down on my bed I let out a sign frowning my eyebrows then gasping remembering the piece of paper the man gave me I quickly opened it. My body froze like those white statues you see in the museum when I read the name.

...Jason McCann...

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