Raine Martinez had everything. A family, money, popularity, and a hot boyfriend. All of that changes when she becomes pregnant. Her friends isolate her, her boyfriend leaves her, and her family abandons her. Hurt and depressed, she is found on the road by none other than One Direction. Can she escape the drama of her past life? WARNING: possibly triggering. Rape, sex, drugs & alcohol are present in this movella.


1. Chapter 1

Raine's POV:


I can hear my best friend, Sara, calling me from downstairs. "How are you not ready yet. The party's starting in 15 minutes!"

"Be right down!" I yell back.

We were getting ready for Chad Turner's year end party. We just finished our Senior year of high school, and it was sure to be epic.

I finished applying my makeup, a simple look with some shimmery gold eyeshadow. I was wearing my favourite dress, it was short, black, and skintight. I knew my boyfriend would love it.

Sara came bursting into the bathroom.

"Come ON!"

We got into her car, and gossiped all the way to the party.

When we got there, it was already packed. Chad's parents were out of town, so he had the whole place to himself.

As I climbed out of the car, I was crowded by other people from school.

"Omg Raine! I love your dress!"

"Your hair is sooo pretty!"

"Makeup on FLEEK girl!"

I smiled at them, but I only had eyes for Scott, my boyfriend.

We had been dating for almost 6 months, and he was soo hot. Standing at 6'2, he was tall, with shaggy brown hair. EVERY other girl in school wanted him, but obviously he had to date the most popular girl...

Me. ;)

The party was fun, until something happened that would change my life forever.

Scott came up to me and pushed me against the wall.

"You're so sexy..." He mumbled.

I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

He kissed me, and grabbed at my chest. I was starting to get uncomfortable.

I started to push him off me, but he was much stronger, and pinned me. "Scott..." I said "stop."

He laughed under his breath. "Don't act like you don't like it."

He gripped my wrist and pulled me upstairs, and into a bedroom, where he locked the door and threw me on the bed.

I tried to get up, but he pushed me back down.

He started making out with me, running his hands up and down my back, kissing my neck. Then he started to slide his hand close to the hem of my dress.

"Scott stop." I said again.

He stopped, and looked me straight in the eyes. "Make one move and this whole place will be hearing your screams."

I shut my mouth.

His hands trailed further and further, until he had slid my dress off, leaving me in just a thong.

"Damn baby." He said.

This is when it started getting horrible.

He slid my thong down, and started rubbing my clit. I tried to push him away, but he grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head.

I started to cry.

He slapped me, then aligned himself, and thrust into me as hard as he could. I screamed and cried harder, trying to wrench myself away from him. He held me down easily. He continued to thrust, in and out, going as deep as he could. I could feel him all the way up into my stomach. The harder I cried, the faster he went, until I was in so much pain I could barely stand it. Finally, after about a half hour, he came inside me. He then left me on the bed, abused and hurt. I ran out of that party as quickly as I could, and down the street, not caring where I ended up.

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