Gripping the Mist

~ For the Replica Competition.


6. Waiting for that Sleepy Feeling

 My friend, Bethany stopped by my house just about five minutes after school ended. She exchanged few words with me, but one thing she did give me was a pile of work, the work that I had missed when I ditched for the last two school days. She smiled at me before she left, but I knew it was fake. How could anyone smile happily when I looked so screwed. My hair looking like a rats nest, dark circles beneath my eyes from lack of sleep, and of course I had the baggiest clothes possible on.

 I plowed into my work, I just wanted to get it done, not trying to learn, but memorize. Most of it was socials homework... Of course, you know that I hate it. I was having to recite dates that all sounded the same until I couldn't concentrate... I was too tired. I stood and abandoned my work which I still had over half of unfinished. The tiredness is what I had been waiting for the whole time I was working, because I couldn't get the dream out of my mind the whole time. No matter how hard I tried to abandon the images in my head, they wouldn't leave me. So as I worked it was my only motivation to keep going because I knew that the longer that I concentrated, the sooner I'd become tired and that meant the sooner I could fall asleep. Finally, I succeeded.

 I stood from my desk, leaving a short essay on the first Apollo landing there as I took a few steps from my bed and collapsed down into the sheets with a huff. I pressed the side of my face into the soft pillow and took in the fresh scent of the laundry detergent. A smile appeared on my face just before a slipped away once again.

 I felt myself appear back above the earth, but this time I didn't waste time in admiring the view. This time I began to search through the dark, dotted void around me until I spotted what I was looking for. The strange object that was either a very odd looking comet or a person. I guessed right when I approached the young man who was hanging around the moon. I saw him look at me as I cam forth, but he didn't acknowledge me any further. He just returned to gazing gloomily down at the moons surface.

 "Hello?" I called at him as I floated closer. He turned his head and looked at me blankly, but did not say a thing. "Um- can you hear me?

 His eyes widened when I said this. His hand lifted and he pointed at himself in disbelief. "Me?" He asked...

 "Yes," I said. No! Where did he go? I opened my eyes to see my bedroom ceiling. Why did I keep waking up? All I wanted was to remain in that peaceful place, away from all my problems. It was like heaven. But it was only a temporary stay. Eventually I returned to a world where I was bombarded with problems. They always said not to worry too much about my problems today because they would be gone over time, but I really couldn't see past my current problems. I felt them all flush back at my tired brain, delivering a cheap shot.

 Glancing at the clock, it read that it was three in the morning. Grabbing a pillow, I shoved it in my face, laying back into my bed with a groan. Great! Just great! Now I would be up all night, only to go to school tired once again. I threw the pillow across the room and didn't care when it knocked a pile of DVD cases off the top of my dresser. I sat back down in my desk chair like a lump, wanting to do anything else but my homework, but that was just one of my problems and without it, a saw my life being much easier. And this problem wouldn't go away. That was the only thing I could see when I looked at the messy hand writing upon the countless pieces of cheap lined paper. The only way that the problem would disappear is if I did something about it, and if I did nothing, then I would fail my exams. And if I failed my exams I wouldn't be able to get a good job. And if I couldn't get a good job then I'd be homeless- The list went on and on until it resulted in the worst way possible. Before I could start crying, I ripped open the drapes that were covering the window above my desk. I was suddenly bathed in moonlight. I stared up at the full moon as it just so happened to be by my window. I felt all my worries disappear. Just a few moments ago I was floating next to it. But that was in a dream, you idiot. I ignored myself as I glanced back at my bed. What marvelous things dreams could do... Suddenly feeling a new motivation, I began to eagerly write my essay on the moon landing.



 "Excuse me! Would someone wake her up!"

 I felt a nudge against my arm and I sat straight up, alert and awake. What was going on?

 "There will be no sleeping in my class," I heard my English teacher snap. That was when I realized what was happening. I took in all the faces around me that had necks craned to be able to give me that look that made me think that I had just killed someone. Doing my best to substitute the possibility of pulling a blinder over all their faces to shut them out, I adjusted the hood on my hoodie and pulled it down as I looked back down at my notebook, pretending to be reading through notes that weren't there. How embarrassing. I had slept during class. That was a first.

 The bell finally rang and I got to leave the awkwardness of the room that seemed to linger there ever since I had awoken from my little siesta. But what I had to face in the hallway was much worse, and if I had to pick, I'd have picked having English for the rest of the day. I spied Phillip striding out of his way to intersect with me. I tried to avoid him by pushing as fast as I could through the crowd, but I felt his hand catch my arm. I stopped dead, hiding my face down behind my hood as he circled to my side.

 "Who were you looking for?" He asked out of the blue into my ear.

 "What?" I asked, confused, but then I remembered. My dream. When I slept in English I went back to the setting of outer space where I searched for the boy I had encountered the times before. This time, I could not find him. Phillip must had seen the blush on my cheeks as I realized in complete humiliation that I must had been talking in my sleep during class. I watched the evil smirk light up on his face as he circled into my view. Before he could speak the next horrible words through his parting lips, I stopped him. Jamming my heel onto his foot as hard as I could, I took the advantage of him being distracted with the pain and escaped his grasp, disappearing through the door of my next class before he could notice.



 "Why are you all the way out here?" I asked the young man who I had finally found standing on an asteroid in the asteroid belt. It had taken me forever to find him and I was getting concerned that I would soon wake up. He looked at me blankly again, but I could see the hope in his big gray eyes.

 "Am I seeing things?" He said oddly.

 "No, if anyone is, its me," I replied. A joyous smile appeared on his lips, though he tried to hide it, it was impossible not to notice. I smiled back.

 "What are you smiling about?" My mothers voice interrupted and I woke up. She was standing by just inside my bedroom door in her blue robe. She was the last person that I wished to see. Especially when her face replaced the one that I spent entire days anticipating to find.

 "What do you want?" I groaned.

 "It's seven thirty. You've been sleeping over your alarm for the past little while," She said as she left. That's what that vibrating noise had been. I must had put it on silent. I retrieved my phone off the nightstand to shut off the alarm and spied the date beneath the clock. It was only Wednesday.

 Before I left out the door for school, I took extra attention to pour myself a thermos of coffee. I wouldn't fall asleep again in class. I had already embarrassed myself enough. 


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