Gripping the Mist

~ For the Replica Competition.


10. Fallen from Grace

 "You're back early..." Newton said as he jumped up to where I was floating from the moons surface. "What's wrong?"

 "I'm asleep?" I ask, becoming suddenly alarmed. "Jeez, I shouldn't be asleep right now..." I know that I should be awake doing something, but I can't remember what.

 "Just as well..." He shrugs. "Someones calling you back right now. See you later, Nimbus."

 "Ember!" I wake up to see my friend Bethany staring at me with concern. "What are you doing down here?"

 "What?" I ask, then realize that I am still sitting on the bathroom floor, I am now covered in wet paper towels. "What's happened?" I feel a spark of anger ignite in my chest when I see the paper towels.

 "You fell asleep." She answers.

 "You did this?" I almost growl as I attempt to get to my feet. 

 "No! no. It wasn't me. It was some other idiot girls."

 I lean against the counter and look at my reflection. It almost makes me cry. I don't know whether in hurt or rage. My face is covered with marker drawn into obscene images.

 "Ember!" Bethany calls after me as I throw my hood on and storm out of the washroom. But I don't stop. I'm going home. I don't want to be here. I want to be home, in my room, with Newton... He's the only one that truly understands me.

 It must be class right now because the halls are deserted. Good, I don't want to look at anyone. I march myself to nearest exit and fling open the double doors, only to ram right into the last person I wish to see.

 "Oh! Look who it is!" Phillip laughs as I pull my hood down further. I have no time to try and talk my way out of this. So guess what the other option is?"

 "Late students deserve punishment!" I growl as I knee him in his special place. He lets out a pained groan as he dropped to his knees, so I take the opportunity and don't give him a chance to recover. So I punched him straight in the face, causing him to fall on his back, but I'm not done yet. Before I leave, I stamp down on his face as hard as I can, feeling an ache of satisfaction when I feel bone crunch beneath my foot. As I run home, I have a smile on my face.

 When I come through the door into our house, no one is home. They are all at work somewhere and won't be home for hours. Thank goodness, because I don't think that I can handle explained why I have marker all over my face.

 The first thing that I do is take a shower, spending extra attention on my cheeks, determined to wash away the pen. Though the hot water may had washed away ink, it could not wash away my troubles, no matter how hot I made it. I sat under the stream, fighting back tears until the hot water shut off. I growled in annoyance as I step out and wrap myself in a towel and head back down to my room. But before I do, I grab something that had recently became an essential to curing my buzzing mind. Extra drowsy Tylenol.

 I dress myself in my baggiest, warmest clothes. Before I hide myself under my many layers of blankets, I open every window in the room to let in the cold winter air. There was no better sleeping condition than a freezing cold room and many blankets. Just before I jump into bed, my phone buzzes on my night stand. I stare at it for a moment until curiosity takes over. I sit on the edge of my bed as I unlock the phone and  open messenger. It is littered by new messages from numbers that I don't recognize. I tap the latest one. Its a selfie taken with several girls in the bathroom, me being one of them, covered in the wet paper towel. I click a different one only to see a much similar photo, only with a different group of girls. I go through all he messages to see that they are all the same until I land on one where one of the girls is holding a red marker in her hand... She did it...

 I throw my phone across the room where it smacks into a wall, the screen shattering into a million pieces.Tears stream down my face as I swallow a handful of pills, no I don't know how many but I don't care. I curl up under my covers and cry myself to sleep yet again.



 As soon as I appear above the earth, I turn and am immediately greeted by a friendly face. Actually, at the moment, not so friendly... I jump back in surprise when I see his eyebrows furrowed in anger and worry.

 "Newton?" I ask, trying to creep a smile on my face. But it is immediately killed when he opens his mouth and speaks in an angered voice.

 "What are you doing?" He asks.

 "Umm, talking to you?" I cringe back as he advances on me.

 "I'm talking in the waking world! Why are you in intensive care?" He barks.

 "What?" I ask, confused. "I'm where?"

 "The intensive care unit in the hospital! You over dosed."

 "I did?" I am shocked at the thought. "But I didn't mean to!" I cry, unable to stop a tear from leaking from my eyes. The single drop detaches from my face and floats away. I watch it blankly, my mind buzzing with thoughts. All I hoped was that people didn't think that I tried to take my own life. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course they are. All they would have to see is the scene I made in my bedroom before I left.

 "Why did you do it?" Newton asks, sounding sympathetic now as he grabs my shoulders.

 "I didn't! I didn't want to kill myself! I just- I just wanted to see you..." I answer

 "You can't treat yourself like trash, Nimbus," He speaks.

 "Why not!" I shout, squirming out of his grip and drifting back a little as I flick another tear away from my eyes. "Everyone else does! Everyone else seems to think that this is all I am. Except you! So don't get mad at me when all I want to do is talk to you!" I break down in tears. If I could have collapsed to the ground, I would have. But instead I just curl up in a weeping ball and drift high above the earth. After a brief moment, I feel him grip my wrist, so I peak one eye up and look at him.

 "You're not dead yet," He says.

 "Well that's the worst news that I've heard for a long time!" I weep

"No, Nimbus!" He grips my arm tighter and speaks more firmly. "You have to go back..."

"You can't make me," I spit.

"Yes I can. I'm not letting you slip away without your knowing, and being so young..." He sighed as he looked down at the earth.

"No! No, you said that it was my decision! You said that it was up to me to make this real or a dream! I want it to be real!" I screech, becoming quite hysterical. "I choose this to be real! I want it to be a reality, my reality! It is my home, Newton! You are my family!"

 "It's my choice at the moment, Nimbus... I'm sorry..." He says quietly, not looking away from the planet below.

"Newton, no!" I roar in rage as I slip away to a hazy reality



 "Newton!" I scream, my voice ringing through the halls of a hospital. "Newton! I know you're here! I know you're standing here somewhere, now take me back! Take me back you jerk!" I open my eyes at the sound of a voice. My mother's voice.

 "She's awake!" She cries, I feel her come to my side. "Esther! You're okay!"

 I am far too angry and broken to be glad at this remark through my foggy mind. Instead, I glare at her from the corner of my eyes that I can feel blazing like a wildfire. "I'm not okay mom. I'm alive. I want to be above!"

 "No," My mother begins crying, "No, Esther don't say that!"

 "Don't call me that!" I bark. I turn my face away from her and scan the small hospital room around me, every inch piled with beeping machines, their paces rising as hysteria takes hold of me.

 I rip all the needles from my arm when I see it. In the corner of the room, his faint figure standing idly in the corner.

 "Newton!" I screech at his figure. His facial expression doesn't change at my acknowledgment of his presence, he just holds the sad look on his face as I try and rise from my hospital bed. "Newton!" I begin to cry. "Why? Why did you do this!" My tone turns to a ragged scream as I try and lunge from my bed at him but am pushed back down by a team of nurses and doctors who had just rushed in.

 I find myself helpless when I feel a needle prick into my arm and I immediately begin to drift away. I sob to myself as I watch Newton's figure fade with my vision. I know that I won't be seeing him up in space in a moment.


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