The Boy Who Lived

What if Voldemort saw Neville as the threat instead of the Potters? After his dad is killed he goes to the Burrow, where he is raised and is eventually sent to Hogwarts, for his wizardry education. When a professor is suspected as having to do something with a stone, Neville, Ron, and Harry, try to find out about this mysterious stone. (Book #1 out of 6)


7. Platform Nine and Three Quarters

When I came downstairs, Ron was opening his Hogwarts letter.

"How come Neville's came a week ago and I don't get mine till the 30th?" Ron asked.

"Ron, be grateful that you got one!!!!" Aunt Molly told him.

"When's breakfast?" Ron asked.

"It'll be ready in a minute, dear."


"Are you packed Neville?" Mum asked.

"Yep. And Trevor is.... Under my bed."

"Let's go then." I walked to the fireplace. "No, we won't be doing Floo Powder today. We'll take my car." It was a bright red, Ford. Me, Ron, and Percy rode to the station to get her while Fred, and George(and Ginny but she didn't start till next year) rode with Aunt Molly.


When we got to Kings Cross, we went to platform Nine and Ten.

"So, you will sprint to the barrier, and well, that's pretty much it." Percy told us.

"Goodbye Mum!" I hugged her tight. "I'll write week, Mum. Love ya!" Percy was already gone, but Ron and I still remained. I sprinted to the barrier then went through it. The train was absolutely gorgeous. Soon after Ron arrived, and we got on the train, and found a compartment. As we were sitting there, the Trolley lady asked if we wanted anything, so we bought half the lot. After a while his muskrat started eating a few of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. Just then a boy with messy black hair and glasses, entered our compartment.

"Hey. Do y'all mind if I sit here? Wow! Your Neville Longbottom. I'm Harry, and you are?" He asked Ron.

"Um.. Ron, Ron, Weasley. And yea, you can join us."

"Thanks." Harry said. Just then a girl with bushy brown hair came in.

"Has anyone seen a wand? A boy named Dean has lost his."

"No, we haven't, sorry." I said.

"Sorry! Why should you be sorry! You're Neville! I'm Hermione Granger. You guys are?" She gestured to Harry and Ron.

"I'm Harry Potter, and this is Ron Weasley."

"Pleasure." She shook hands with them both, then continued her search for Dean's wand.

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