The Boy Who Lived

What if Voldemort saw Neville as the threat instead of the Potters? After his dad is killed he goes to the Burrow, where he is raised and is eventually sent to Hogwarts, for his wizardry education. When a professor is suspected as having to do something with a stone, Neville, Ron, and Harry, try to find out about this mysterious stone. (Book #1 out of 6)


6. Diagon Alley

I brushed myself off and right in front of a very polished looking lady.

"Hello dear how my I help... Oh my goodness! Are you Neville Longbottom!? Here, dear, let me clean you up." She grabbed a brush, and cleaned my robes, and the some kind of ointment, and rubbed it on my face, and I looked... Normal.

"Do you need some new robes?"

"I don't know. I haven't any money. Have you seen Alice Longbottom?"

"Haha! Alice Longbottom!! Why, don't you know that she died about eleven years ago!?"

"No ma'am. I saw her this morning at breakfast. She should be here somewhere. What is your name again?"

"Oh, Madame Malkin." She curtseyed to me, and I bowed to her . "Maybe I'll see you later, Mr. Longbottom?"

"Maybe. It was nice to meet you, Madame." I walked out of the store, and there my Mum was with me a toad and an owl.

"That's a nice toad, Mum."

"Yes. He is, and he's also yours. Happy eleventh, Neville." She kissed my head as I stood in awe. She handed the toad to me and I felt his slimy, green skin.

"Thanks, Mum. I'm going to name him Trevor." I gave her a huge hug.

"We should go to Ollivander's now. Don't worry, I just went to Gringotts and got you a bag of Gallons." So we set of to the wandmaker, and when we arrived he greeted us both.

"Ah, hello, Mr. Longbottom. I see this is your first year at Hogwarts?" I nodded. He went to the back of the store, and brought out a few boxes. He opened the first one and told me to try that wand. I picked it up and gave it a flick, and I think something caught on fire.

"Um... Was that supposed to happen?" Mr. Ollivander grabbed his own wand and put out the fire with some water he shot out from his wand. He shook his head.

"Perhaps a different wand." He opened another box and pulled out another wand, "I wonder..." He handed me the wand and instantly it glowed around me and he nodded. "Curious, very curious." I looked at him with a questioning look. "It is curious that this wand that chose you has a brother. Only one; that owner of your wands brother is the person who gave you that scar." I felt confused. The person who killed my dad, is the owner of my wand's brother?

"Well, we should be going, we have a lot to buy. Thanks, Ollivander."

"Yea, thanks, sir." He nodded, then bowed.


After we had bought everything that I needed, we met the Weasleys in the Leaky Cauldron and got some ice cream.

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