the truth

I want to write Riley's version of what happened so you go


2. Pain

Riley's POV:

I come out of the pub and start to walk home and it's dark and raining i feel like i'm being watched then i get pushed by someone then i see a shadowy figure then it disappears i get up and i says "Who's there?" no one answers me then i say it again no one answers me again and try to run then someone grabs my throat and then i get chucked across the alley and hit a fence it hurt my ribs i see a shop and run towords it but the shadowy figure was in front of me then i run the other way i see the pier i look back a couple of times but no one was there then i get to the edge of the pier all i see water belong me and i turn around see that no one is there at all i look around and i am terrified then someone rushes past me and there is a pain in my hand then i look down and someone or something has bitten me then i feels like a snake or even a spider bite i scream and fall to the pier ground and i scream and scream but no one but the person who done it hears me my vision starts to go blury then i see someone again but i am not sure it is the same person who bit me but they say "You are going to be alright?" then i can't hold on anymore my eyes are so heavy i close then i just black out

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