The world of S.D.A

Summary: In 2177 the sun imploded on itself and, the result half of the Earth is scorched and an artificial sun was created. With the artificial sun came the rise of supernatural powers in certain people. The supernaturals were soon contained by the rest of humanity in the S.D.A. (Superhuman Dueling Arena) in which they are pited against each other for sport. The last surviving supernatural is granted their freedom back.


1. Kibutsu Rotomi


Chapter:1 Kibutsu Rotomi

Powers: Clone creation, Disappearing powers, a secret power activated by near death situations, enhanced senses.

Carries: His Short Bladed Katana and kunais



Kibu slides on his beloved kimono in which his mother left for him after she died.

Kibu grabs his mother’s blade and puts it in his sheath and he walks out into the morning light and stretches. He has done this every morning ever since his abduction to prepare himself for any encounters he may have. Kibu then climbs a tree with his kunais. He then runs along the trees until he spots his prey. Kibu hops down from his perch and stabs the animal. Killing his food he heads back to his cave grabbing kindling along the way.


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